Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

Get exclusive insurance solutions from a team of knowledgeable advisors with access to dozens of markets. We take the time to understand you and your business so you get the right coverage and the best protection.

We specialize in transportation, hospitality, self storage facilities, nonprofits, construction (surety), manufactures, and law firms, in addition to companies of all sizes in various other industries.

Nonprofit & Education

Work with our Nonprofit & Education Practice Specialists to help find the coverage you need and the Strategic Partnership you deserve.

Auto Services

We work with top rated carriers that understand the risks faced by businesses in the auto service industry.


Our policies protect construction workers and their companies from covered liability suits and physical perils.

Ocean Marine

We specialize in protection for businesses that ship cargo and passengers on sea vessels.

Self Storage Facilities

We have a comprehensive insurance program designed specifically for the unique needs of your self storage facility.


From growers to dispensaries, we'll find the appropriate coverage to protect your unique business.

Law Firms

Protect yourself against a variety of risks unique to the legal profession with customized coverage.

Sports & Fitness Clubs

Get coverage modified to meet the specific needs of sports and fitness facilities.


Contracting businesses are exposed to unique risks and therefore require specialized insurance coverage.


Let our experienced professionals design a comprehensive and cost-effective risk management program for your business.

Swimming Pool Contractors

If you install or maintain pools, get proper protection against any risks you may be exposed to.

Tennis Facilities

We have customized insurance designed specifically for tennis clubs and facilities.

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