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Do you offer financing for insurance premiums?

Yes, payment plans are tailored to your needs!

Explain the process of obtaining commercial insurance coverage.

There are four simple steps: (1) discuss your business operations with a World Insurance Associates LLC agent to assess your needs and options; (2) submit an application for commercial insurance; (3) a premium quotation including a description of coverage is delivered to you; (4) you tell us if you want us to put the coverage into effect.

How long does it take to put coverage in place?

Normally the four-step process takes a few days to allow for proper time to assess your needs and discuss them with you, but if your needs are known in advance and time is of the essence, insurance can be put in place as short as 24 hours or less.

Once I am a customer, who will be servicing my account? How do I request certificates of insurance and make billing inquiries?

An account executive who is expert in your industry will be assigned to handle all service functions and will be available by phone, email, fax or when possible in person. Additionally, the CSR24 World online account, which can be provided to you at no cost, allows you to accomplish many service inquiries online 24 hours per day, 7 days a week from any internet browser, tablet device or smart phone! Finally and most important, your agent will be your business insurance partner, advising you on your insurance options throughout the year as your business needs change.

What additional services do you provide that my local agent doesn't?

As specialists we can assist you in making proper coverage decisions for your specific needs and budget. As a high volume broker in this class we can negotiate reduced prices from the carriers.

Do I need to get different insurance from different brokers/agents?

No! We can provide any coverage you may need for your hospitality business, including package policies for property and liability, umbrella liability, worker's compensation, disability, and employment practices liability.


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