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Give Your Business a Lift with

Auto Service Insurance

Your auto services business is highly specialized with exposures to a unique combination of risks for you, your employees, and your customers. Even one lawsuit can severely cripple your business. We can help you protect your business and your reputation from lawsuits due to faulty work, environmental mishaps, damage to your equipment or property, and more. Our team has decades of experience in your industry and we can explain your options and tailor an auto service insurance plan that will give your business a lift in protection.

We are also an active participating member in many major Automotive Associations, such as:

  • Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey
  • New Jersey Gasoline Convenience Store Automotive
  • Mid Atlantic Automotive Aftermarket Association
  • Professional Automotive Technicians Association

Our policies provide exclusive benefits to members, and may include reduced rates, dividends, safety group programs, specialized coverage, and more.

Consider Protecting Your:

  • Automotive association
  • Auto body and detailing shop
  • Auto repair shop
  • Gas station or car wash
  • Auto parts stores
  • New or used car dealership
  • Convenience store and service station

Protect Yourself From:

  • Mistakes leading to lawsuits and damages
  • Harm or injury caused by your services
  • Damage from faulty workmanship and materials
  • Injury or property damage caused by your employees
  • Employment-related claims
  • Supply chain interruptions
  • Lost income from business interruption
  • Replacing or repairing broken equipment
  • Environmental or pollution exposures
  • Property damage from fire, explosion, weather, or vandalism
  • False advertising, slander, or libel claims
  • Cyber threats, internet exposures, and stolen customer data



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