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The restaurant and hospitality industry is important to the livelihood of many people. When you choose to operate an establishment in this industry, you will need to find the right insurance to protect you, your business, your patrons and your employees. We are one of the only brokers that can place establishments with high liquor sales, late closings, entertainment, and security with a carrier that is not the state fund.

World Insurance Associates has been providing exceptional insurance for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and more for over 20 years. Our knowledgeable and experienced agents will help you assess your insurance needs and will explain the insurance you must have, the coverage you should have, and the options you could have. 

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Hotels have unique exposures. Contact our agents to help you with the various coverages we offer.


Protect your bar or tavern from the potential financial costs of covered incidents.


Insurance specifically designed for caterers that serve food at off-site locations.


Nightclubs are exposed to many different risks. Good nightclub policies will guard against many of the potential risks that nightclubs face.

Food Trucks

Any business that sells or serves food or beverages at places other than its main location may need a food truck policy.


Liability and property protection for one of your most important assets.


Get coverage tailored specifically to the beer-brewing industry.

Specialized Coverage

Get tailored insurance coverage to meet the specific needs of your unique business.

Assault & Battery Insurance

Protect your business from lawsuits in the event of a physical confrontation between two or more people. This coverage can help pay for a restaurant's legal defense and more.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Coverage specifically designed to insure business that sell alcohol from liability suits arising from intoxicated patrons' actions.

Liquor Bond Insurance

Retail businesses that want a liquor license so they can sell alcohol to customers usually need a liquor bond. We'll help make sure the bond you select meets your state's requirements and your business' needs.

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