What is Tow Truck Insurance?

Tow truck operators frequently work in less-than-ideal circumstances. They rescue cars from the shoulders of busy roads, respond to calls in all kinds of weather, and remove illegally parked vehicles from all types of neighborhoods. Working in these situations increases tow truck drivers’ risk of themselves being in an accident and having to file an insurance claim. Tow truck insurance helps protect tow truck operators from many of the risks they face.

Tow truck insurance is a specialized form of commercial truck insurance. Uniquely designed for towing companies, these policies offer coverages that are specifically chosen with the insurance needs of tow truck operators in mind.

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What Coverages Do Towing Insurance Policies Provide?

As is the case with most forms of truck and auto insurance, tow truck policies’ coverages can vary. In general, however, most towing insurance policies offer the following coverages as either standard or optional protections:

  • Tow Truck Liability Coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Medical Payments Insurance
  • On-Hook Towing Coverage
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Garage Service Coverage

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How Can Businesses Get Tow Truck Insurance?

For help finding good tow truck insurance, businesses in the towing industry should contact an independent insurance agent. The agents at World Insurance Associates LLC are experienced in towing insurance and will be able to help a contractor select the coverages and limits that they want. Once coverages are selected, we can request quotes for policies from different insurance companies, and can help a business select the policy that best meets its needs. To learn mroe or request a consultation, give us a call at 732-380-0900 or complete the form below.

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