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Keep Your Business Moving and Protected with

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business involves the transport and delivery of people or goods, you need to protect yourself from accidents, theft, and damage. Our transportation team has more than 50 years of industry experience and they understand your business and level of risk. Let us provide you with a commercial auto insurance quote. Our commercial auto insurance comes with various options so you can choose the plan that is right for you and your budget.

Consider Protecting Your:

  • Delivery service vans
  • Taxicab or limo vehicles
  • School buses
  • Landscape vehicles
  • Long and short-haul trucks
  • Restaurant’s vans if your employees deliver food
  • Employees’ vehicles used for your business-related activities

Protect Yourself From:

  • Accidents and property damage
  • Bodily injury and property damage to others
  • Medical payments
  • Physical damage, fire, theft, or vandalism of vehicle
  • Uninsured and underinsured drivers


What is commercial auto insurance?

Businesses that own vehicles generally need to insure those vehicles with auto commercial insurance. Business auto insurance is a form of auto insurance that’s made for businesses, rather than individuals. Policies are written with the risks that businesses face and the coverages they need in mind.

Which businesses need business auto insurance?

Most businesses that own vehicles that are driven on public roads need commercial auto insurance. These insurance policies must meet state requirements, and requirements vary by state. Commercial auto insurance may be ideal if you need to protect company vehicles.

What is non-owned and hired auto insurance?

A business that has employees use their personal vehicles for work may need commercial auto insurance. Personal auto policies often don’t provide coverage for regular work-related driving, such as a pizza place that provides delivery. If the pizzeria doesn’t obtain a commercial auto insurance policy, its drivers may not be fully protected while making deliveries. A non-owned or hired auto insurance policy is an auto insurance policy that is ideal for this. This type of insurance policy is uniquely designed for businesses that rely on others’ vehicles.

What protections does commercial auto insurance coverage provide?

Business auto policies often provide coverages that are identical or similar to those found in personal auto policies. Some coverages that many businesses get through their business auto policies include: Property Damage Liability, which usually covers damage caused to other people’s propertyBodily Injury Liability Coverage, which may cover injuries that other people sustainPersonal Injury Coverage, which can help cover injuries that the driver and passengers sustainComprehensive and Collision Coverage, which is often used to cover the vehicles a business ownsUninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which might help pay for damage and injuries caused by a driver who doesn’t have sufficient insurance. As is the case with personal auto insurance policies, the exact coverages included in business auto policies can vary.

Does commercial auto insurance only cover vehicles?

Auto insurance for commercial vehicles offers finiancial protection if your employees expereince bodily harm in the event of a collision. This is why auto insurance for commercial vehicles is a crucial investment, especially for small businesses. Several businesses can benefit from commercial auto insurance, regardless of their industry. As a business owner, protecting your business, property, and employees while driving is in your best interest.

Is commercial auto insurance customizable?

As an insurance company, we strive to give you the best LLC car insurance possible. Your commercial automobile insurance coverage can vary based on your needs. Our commercial insurance auto coverage options are customizable.

How can I get started with commercial auto insurance?

You can start your partnership for commercial auto insurance online. Our experts are knowledgeable and ready to help you with your commercial auto insurance needs. We can help you compare multiple companies for the best deals on auto insurance coverage to select your best option. Partner with an Expert in commercial auto insurance today.



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