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Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Long haul trucking plays an essential role in many industries. Most long haul trucking features large vehicles carrying a substantial amount of cargo; because of these features, this kind of trucking is critical for the economy, but it also poses unique risks to operators, owners, business partners, and other drivers on the road.

Finding the right insurance for long haul trucking can be difficult as coverage requirements often exceed those of other forms of trucking due to length of travel, cargo quantity, and more. At World Insurance, we specialize in insurance for long haul trucking.

Our team has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in insuring long haul trucking, and some of our members were once truckers themselves! With our expertise, we will help you safely operate your long haul trucking business.

What is Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

What is Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

Long haul trucking most often involves tractor trailers or 18-wheelers, which are some of the largest vehicles operated on American roadways. Because of their size, weight, and bulk, accidents involving these vehicles can be devastating, not only for the operators and their cargo but for any other vehicles that get caught in the incident.

From property damage to injuries, long haul trucking insurance provides coverage and protection for vehicles, operators, companies, and owners. As a specialized form of commercial trucking insurance, long haul trucking insurance policies are designed with long-distance trucking in mind, accounting for the high mileage these vehicles will acquire.

Coverages Provided By Long Haul Insurance?

In some respects, long haul trucking insurance provides similar coverage to other commercial trucking insurance, but there are other types of coverage that come with these policies, as well, due to the unique elements of long halt trucking including the size of the insured vehicles, the amount of cargo transported, and the large distances traveled.

General Liability

General Liability

General liability coverage in long haul trucking insurance provides assistance in the event that property damage or injuries result from the actions of a trucker. Insurance for long haul trucking must include general liability coverage as required by most states.

Because the costs of repairs, legal fees, and medical bills can be high in the event of an accident with a large vehicle, finding a long haul trucking insurance policy that provides sufficient general liability coverage is a must



Even though most long haul trucking vehicles are large and sturdy, they can still incur damage in the event of a collision. Collision coverage can provide assistance with repair costs for your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident.

Non Owned Liability

Non Owned Liability

While non-owned liability coverage is often considered incidental (and even referred to as “if any” insurance by some), it can provide valuable coverage in relevant events. Long haul trucking commonly entails covering long distances, so the chances of your vehicle breaking down or requiring maintenance on the road are much higher than with other forms of commercial trucking.

Non-owned liability coverage provides coverage for a rented or hired vehicle that you do not own. This kind of long haul trucking coverage is active for short-term, unplanned situations. Ideally, non-owned liability insurance would never be necessary, but having it can protect your cargo as well as any short-term rented vehicles, hired drivers, and business relations.

Non Trucking Insurance

Non Trucking Insurance

Non-trucking coverage accounts for issues with the insured vehicle during non-work hours. Long haul truck drivers rarely work standard hours, and while covering long distances, taking breaks and downtime is not only common but essential. Any time that your vehicle is used outside of operating hours or for any non-work-related purpose, non-trucking coverage offers protection.
Ensuring that your vehicles are properly insured with non-trucking insurance can mitigate any repair or legal costs as the result of off-hours incidents.

Classes Eligible For Commercial Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Many industries rely on long haul trucking to get essential goods to vendors. At World Insurance, we are happy to insure a variety of specialized vehicles that require long haul trucking insurance, including the following.

Agricultural Goods Haulers

Agricultural Goods Haulers

Hauling agricultural goods is an essential job that provides food and resources to Americans across the country. Agricultural goods can include produce, livestock, grains, gravel, hay, and seeds. Obtaining sufficient long haul trucking insurance for this kind of trucking is critical for ensuring the safe transport of agricultural products.

Dry Vans

Dry Vans

Dry vans are enclosed trailers that protect products from the elements during transportation. Box trucks and semi-trailers are categorized as dry vans. In many cases, obtaining long haul trucking insurance for dry vans is easier than other classes, but it is important that you determine which types of long haul coverage are required and beneficial before committing to a policy.

Refrigerated Goods Haulers

Refrigerated Goods Haulers

Refrigerated trucks, also known as “reefers,” allow the safe transportation of refrigerated goods across long distances. Long haulers who operate this class of vehicle may transport fruit, vegetables, seafood, dairy products, meat, or even certain kinds of medicine.

Delays in long haul transportation regardless of class can mean disrupted timelines or supply chain hurdles, but for refrigerated goods, incidents like a vehicle breaking down could present more challenges, such as food spoiling or melting and becoming unsafe for consumption. Long haul trucking insurance for refrigerated goods haulers must be comprehensive to ensure the safety of the cargo and the stability of the vehicle itself.

Flatbed Haulers

Flatbed Haulers

Flatbed trucks are widely used for construction work, and they are often used as carriers of heavy machinery and other materials. Obtaining long haul trucking insurance for flatbed haulers must account for cargo security, including the possibility of cargo spills.

Flatbeds have a high likelihood of transporting oversize loads, which tend to require additional permits. Vehicle owners should account for this when searching for long haul trucking coverage for such vehicles. If you don’t see your specific class listed here, contact the trucking insurance team at World Insurance, and we can discuss more options to fit your needs.

Requirements for Commercial Trucking Insurance

Acquiring long haul trucking insurance is important for ensuring your business is covered in the event of an accident, spill, or delay. In order to obtain long haul coverage, you will need to meet certain requirements and complete specific tasks. Long haul trucking insurance requirements include:


Completed Application

Fill out our easy application to get started. By providing information about you, your business, and your insurance needs through our application, we can connect you with a commercial trucking insurance agent to get you started. You will also need to supply information pertaining to the size of your fleet, the class(es) of truck you use, and your contact information.


Information About Driver’s Experience

In order to obtain long haul trucking insurance, drivers must have sufficient experience with the vehicle they will be operating or, in some cases, similar vehicles. Acquiring proof and providing verification for your drivers’ experience will help expedite the process and ensure that you can get the long haul trucking coverage you need.


Receive Your New York Surety Bond

When looking to get long haul coverage, you will need to supply loss information, usually covering at least two (and sometimes up to five) years.

You will need to share the history of any insurance claims filed under your policies in order to proceed with receiving a quote for and ultimately acquiring long haul trucking insurance.

Considerations When Finding an Insurance Carrier

Long haul trucking insurance is relatively specialized, so finding the right insurance agent and insurance agency is important.

Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

When looking for appropriate long haul coverage, connecting with an insurance agent who knows the industry and has experience with similar policies can make an immense difference in the coverage you ultimately receive.

At World Insurance, our trucking insurance agents specialize in long haul trucking coverage. Many of our agents have actual truck driving experience, as well. We understand how important the right insurance is for long haul trucking, and we will help you find the best policy and coverage for your trucking needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Haul Trucking Insurance

How is the cost of the insurance calculated?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of long haul truck insurance. These factors include: the age of your company’s trucks, the size of your fleet, the distance your drivers cover in a year, your operators’ driving records, the type of cargo your fleet transports, and the type of coverage and limits you choose for your policy.

How do I save on commercial long haul trucking insurance?

The best ways to save on commercial long haul coverage is by promoting safe vehicle operation, maintaining a good credit score, and staying on top of necessary maintenance for your trucks. If premium costs are a concern, talk to your trucking insurance agent to learn how you can save.

How much trucking insurance do I need?

In most states, certain long haul trucking insurance is required. Be sure to identify what coverage is necessary for legal operation before choosing a policy.

Many business owners opt for more coverage than what is required to ensure they are protected. Liability coverage, cargo coverage, collision coverage, and non-trucking coverage are common elements of long haul trucking insurance policies. Consult with your insurance agent to determine what types of coverage will be most beneficial to your company and will best suit your long haul insurance needs.

How is long haul trucking insurance different from regular trucking insurance?

Long haul trucking insurance is a form of commercial trucking insurance. Unlike some other types of insurance, long haul coverage often focuses on damages, liability, and cargo coverage. Because of the size of the vehicles, the amount of cargo carried, and the distances covered by these vehicles, long haul trucking insurance is a specialized type of coverage that accounts for the specific risks and needs of such operations.

What factors are important in long haul trucking insurance?

Long haul trucking insurance accounts for many factors including what is transported, how far the vehicles must travel, and what is needed to keep cargo safe and secure. Additionally, long haul coverage depends on the size of a business’ fleet, the types or classes of vehicles, the ownership of trailers used, and the age of the vehicles in operation.

You should provide all of this information, as well as anything else that is relevant to your long haul trucking insurance needs, to your agent so that you can receive the right coverage for your business.

Do you offer long haul trucking workers compensation insurance?

Any business with employees must think about the welfare of its workforce. Most states require businesses to obtain workers compensation insurance. This type of insurance can prevent workers from enduring unnecessary financial strain during recovery from a work-related illness or injury. With the help of workers compensation coverage, you can allow your workers to focus on recovering so that they can return without issue.

World Insurance can provide workers compensation insurance in your long haul trucking insurance policy to ensure your drivers stay well and keep your business safe from legal trouble in the event of an accident.

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