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Golf Club Insurance

Tee Up Protection for Your Club

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Owning and running a golf club is a unique and rewarding experience. But it is not without its problems. Given your investment in your business, it makes sense to adequately protect it. Golf club insurance is typically a package of various coverages that protect you from the many risks involved with running your business. Things like employee mistakes, destructive member behavior, member injuries or property damage, reputational risks, equipment breakdown, and weather-related events can all financially stress your business. Our experts can tailor a golf club insurance package that protects your business, so you can focus on teeing up fun for your members.

Consider Protecting Your:

  • Income and future earnings
  • Building and its contents
  • Indoor and outdoor equipment and fixtures

Protect Yourself From:

  • Bodily injury to visitors on your premises
  • Errors made by golf pros or coaches
  • Injuries to your golfers and spectators
  • Injuries or damage from golf products you sell
  • Damage to building and grounds
  • Personal injury or property damage caused by your employees
  • False advertising, slander, or libel claims
  • Improper behavior claims by minors
  • Burglary or vandalism
  • Weather-related events and power outages
  • Building collapse, explosion, and fire
  • Replacing or repairing broken equipment
  • Business down time and loss of income due to equipment failure
  • Golf cart accidents, bodily injury, and property damage

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