What is Long Haul Truck Insurance?

Tractor-trailer trucks are among the largest vehicles driven on the United States’ public roads, and accidents they’re involved in are sometimes extremely serious and costly. When an 18-wheeler is involved in a collision, the property damage and injuries that result from the accident can be severe. Long haul truck insurance protects trucking companies from many of the potential costs that an accident can cause.

Long haul truck insurance is a unique form of commercial truck insurance that’s specifically designed for people and companies that provide long-distance trucking services. Policies generally account for the thousands of miles long-haul truck drivers cover annually, and they frequently offer high limits.

What Coverages Does Long Haul Trucking Insurance Provide?

Most long haul trucking policies offer a combination of common protections that are included in many commercial coverages and more specific coverages that are directly related to driving 18-wheelers.

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Some of the common protections that are frequently found in long haul policies as well as other commercial trucking policies include:

  • Auto Liability Coverage
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Medical Payments (also Medical Expense) Coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Freight Coverage
  • Non-Trucking Coverage
  • Commercial Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Occupational Accident (OCAC) Coverage

Some protections that are more specific to driving tractor trailers are:

  • Non-Owned Trailer Coverage
  • Bobtail Liability Coverage
  • Equipment Coverage

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How Much Does Long Haul Trucking Insurance Cost?

As is the case with many types of insurance, a number of factors affect long haul trucking policies’ premiums. A few factors that insurers often take into account are:

  • How old a company’s trucks are
  • How many trucks a company owns
  • How many miles drivers travel annually
  • The driving record of all drivers
  • What type of cargo a company transports
  • Whether a company owns the trailers it uses
  • What coverages and limits a company selects 

How Can Companies Get Quotes for Long Haul Truck Insurance?

The easiest way to get quotes for long haul truck insurance is by contacting an independent commercial insurance agent. As an independent insurance agency, World Insurance Associates LLC can request quotes from several insurers at the same time, and we can then review each quote with a company’s owner or manager to select the best long haul trucking insurance policy for them. To learn more or request a consultation, give us a call at 732-380-0900 or complete the form below.

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