What is Dump Truck Insurance?

Dump trucks are specialized vehicles, and they need a specialized form of commercial trucking insurance. Dump truck insurance helps businesses in New Jersey properly insure their dump trucks against many different kinds of accidents, as well as other potential risks.

Dump truck insurance is a form of commercial trucking insurance that’s specifically designed for dump trucks. Policies take into account how dump trucks are used and what risks businesses that own dump trucks are exposed to.

Dump Truck Insurance New Jersey

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What Coverages Do Dump Truck Policies Provide?

The coverages contained within dump truck policies can be adjusted for how a dump truck is used, so coverages often vary from one policy to another. Some of the dump truck coverage options that insurers make available include the following:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover damage that’s caused to a customer’s property while operating a truck on their premises
  • Physical Damage Coverage, which might cover damage that a dump truck sustains in a fire, collision, overturn, break-in, or other peril
  • Collision Coverage, which covers damage sustained in certain types of accidents
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage, which typically insures the cargo being hauled in a dump truck
  • Environmental Coverage, which may cover cleanup costs and fines if a truck’s fuel or cargo contaminates the environment
  • Downtime Coverage, which usually extends coverage to the hours when a truck isn’t in use

Protect Your Business

Independent owner/operators may also want non-trucking coverage, which typically provides liability coverage for driving a truck during non-work hours. Although a truck may not be driven far before or after work, any distance it’s driven outside of work hours exposes an owner/operator to risk if they don’t have proper coverage for off-work driving.

Do Dump Trucks Really Need Motor Truck Cargo Coverage?

Dump trucks may not haul expensive electronics or high-end consumer products, but most dump trucks should still have motor truck cargo coverage. These trucks are able to haul immense loads of dirt, gravel, sand, and other materials, and the value of their loads can be substantial even though their cargo sometimes seems relatively invaluable.

Do Dump Trucks Need to Be Insured During the Offseason?

Dump trucks that are only used seasonally may not need as much insurance protection during the offseason as they do during the rest of the year. If a dump truck is in storage and not driven, comprehensive-only coverage may be sufficient. Comprehensive coverage usually provides protection from vandalism, theft, fire, and similar perils. This coverage usually isn’t intended to cover a dump truck when it’s in use, but that’s usually not an issue if a truck remains in storage.

Owner/operators and businesses may be able to save on their premiums by switching to a comprehensive-only policy. Because these policies provide less coverage than policies that have multiple coverages, insurers assume much less risk and are able to charge lower premiums.

Anyone who takes advantage of this savings opportunity does need to remember to switch back to a more robust policy once it’s time to use a dump truck again. If they neglect to, they won’t be properly insured when the dump truck is used. With the help of an agent, switching takes just a minute. It’s often as easy as, or even easier than, initially reviewing and selecting a policy’s dump truck insurance coverage options.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

What Businesses in New Jersey Need a Dump Truck Policy?

Any New Jersey business that owns at least one dump truck should consider getting a dump truck policy. This includes everyone from a contractor in Sussex, NJ, that has one dump truck, to a company in Newark, NJ that has a fleet of dump trucks.

Even though the laws of New Jersey may permit insuring a dump truck with a standard trucking insurance policy, dump truck policies usually provide more specialized coverage for these trucks.

How Can Businesses Get Dump Truck Insurance?

Businesses and owner/operators with dump trucks can get dump truck insurance for their truck by talking with an independent insurance agent who serves New Jersey. An agent will be able to explain all the available dump truck coverage options and help a business or owner/operator choose the coverages they want. The agent will also be able to compare policies that offer the selected coverages.

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