What is Dump Truck Insurance?

Dump trucks are highly specialized vehicles, and they require specialized commercial truck insurance. Dump truck insurance protects businesses that own dump trucks from many of the risks that come with operating these trucks.

Dump truck insurance is a type of commercial trucking insurance that’s specifically written for dump trucks. When underwriting policies, insurers take into account where dump trucks are driven, how they’re used, and the risks that operating them present.

Do Dump Truck Policies Need to Include Freight Coverage?

Dump trucks may not always transport expensive consumer goods, but it’s often still wise to include freight coverage in dump truck policies. These trucks can haul extremely large loads of gravel, sand, dirt, and other materials. Although the materials may not be terribly valuable in small amounts, the value of these large loads is often substantial. Even losing a load of loam can cost a lot of money, and motor truck cargo coverage is usually the best way to insure cargo that’s being transported via truck. 

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What Coverages Do Dump Truck Policies Provide?

Like other commercial truck insurance policies, dump truck policies offer a combination of property and liability coverages. Some coverages that a dump truck policy might make available include:

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

Dump trucks normally aren’t driven much for personal use, but independent owner/operators might also want non-trucking coverage. This coverage is often used to protect commercial vehicles that are driven during non-work hours. Even if a dump truck isn’t driven too far before or after work, driving it any distance outside of official working hours exposes a dump truck to potential damage that may not be covered unless a policy includes non-trucking coverage.

How Can Businesses Get Quotes for Dump Truck Insurance?

Businesses that need dump truck insurance should contact an independent insurance agent who specializes in commercial truck insurance and is licensed in their state. As an independent insurance agency, World Insurance Associates LLC can request quotes for dump truck coverage from several insurers, and we have the expertise to compare the protections that each policy offers.

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