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Most hairstylist insurance policies come with several coverage options that work together to create a network of protections. While the exact incidents that a particular policy will cover depend on that policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions, a well-crafted policy often provides coverage for a range of incidents. Here are a few examples of liability risks that your hairstylist policy might cover if the proper protections are in place.

Hairstylist Insurance

A Child Trips and Cuts Themselves on Your Equipment

While waiting for you to cut their parent’s hair, a young child becomes antsy and rambunctious. They get somewhat unruly as they move about, and eventually trip over a cord on the floor. In their fall, they land on a sharp pair of scissors and sustain a laceration that requires stitches.

Because your scissors caused the injury, the parent may file a lawsuit seeking compensation for the injury. You might have to pay for the child’s medical care and some other expenses.

Assuming your hairstylist insurance includes general liability insurance (which the vast majority do), such an incident would likely be covered. General liability normally covers common accidents, such as slips, trips and falls, that occur at a place of business.

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Your Equipment Starts a Fire at a Client’s Home

When working at a client’s home, you accidentally leave a hair dryer on and unattended. The equipment starts a fire that is soon put out, but still causes substantial damage to the client’s home.

In this scenario, you’d probably be held financially responsible for the damage. The fire was caused by your equipment and a result of your inattentiveness.

General liability insurance may probably also cover any claim arising from a situation like this. Most general liability insurance covers property damage that results from common accidents as well as personal injuries that those accidents cause.

Hairstylist Insurance

You Injure a Gentleman While Giving a Straight Shave

As a way to grow your business, you decide to begin offering straight shaves and focusing on beard care. During one of your first straight shaves, you make a mistake and cut the client. The laceration requires stitches.

Unlike an accident in which someone fell, this scenario is a situation where you’re directly responsible for the injury. Moreover, the injury is a direct result of a mistake you made in your work. You could be asked to pay for the medical care that’s needed.

General liability insurance normally won’t cover injuries that are a result of errors in your work, but professional liability insurance normally will. If you select a policy that has professional liability when looking at insurance for hairstylists, this sort of accident will likely be covered.

You Sell a Hair Care Product That Causes Lasting Damage

When you sell a hair care product, you’re effectively recommending that product to your client. The client will appreciate the recommendation if the product produces a good result, and they might complain or give you a negative review if it produces a bad result.

Should the product actually cause harm or lasting damage, the client could do more than complain or leave a review. They might actually file a lawsuit seeking compensation for the harm they incurred. Even if the manufacturer is ultimately found responsible and you’re deemed to not be at fault, the legal fees alone could be financially crippling.

Incidents like these frequently fall under the domain of product liability insurance. If you’re ever sued over damage that a product causes, this insurance may cover legal fees and any settlements arising from the case. Product liability is widely available from companies that offer insurance for hairstylists.

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