What is Swimming Pool Contractors Insurance?

Installing and servicing swimming pools can be a lucrative business, but it’s not without risk. If a swimming pool contractor is found responsible for an accident that occurs during a swimming pool’s construction or use, the contractor could be held financially liable for any injuries or property damage. Swimming pool contractors insurance helps protect contractors in New Jersey from potential risks.

Swimming pool contractors insurance is specifically designed to meet the insurance needs of contractors that install indoor pools, outdoor pools, and swimming ponds. The protections that a specific policy provides can usually be adapted to a particular contractor’s needs.

What Coverages Does Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance Provide?

Since policies can be customized, the coverages contained in swimming pool contractor insurance policies can vary. Most policies, however, contain at least some liability and some property coverage.

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Liability coverage generally protects a contractor from incidents where they’re found responsible for injuries that a person suffers or damage that someone’s property sustains. The particular kinds of liability coverage that a policy might have include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which usually has broad terms that provide wide-ranging protections
  • Pollution Coverage, which might cover injuries or environmental problems caused by misuse of chlorine, muriatic acid, hypochlorite, or other pool chemicals
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which can add to the limits of other liability coverages and fill in coverage gaps

Protect Your Business

Contractors often also need commercial vehicle liability insurance, which is usually for vehicles a contractor owns, and hired or nonowned vehicle insurance, which may be used to insure rented vehicles or employees’ personal vehicles while they’re used for work. These liability coverages may be obtained through a swimming pool contractor insurance policy or via separate, standalone auto policies.

Property coverage usually helps a contractor repair or replace property that’s damaged in a covered incident or stolen (assuming theft is covered). The particular property coverages that a swimming pool contractor policy might have are:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may insure any buildings that the company owns
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which might insure tools and materials while they’re in transit to and from job sites
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may help pay for repairs of broken equipment if the malfunction is caused by a covered incident
  • Extra Expenses Coverage, which might help pay for renting another space if a central office is damaged in a covered incident and temporarily unusable

What Contractors in New Jersey Need Swimming Pool Contractor Liability Insurance?

Any contractor in New Jersey who installs, repairs, or services swimming pools should consider protecting their business with a swimming pool contractor insurance policy. This includes swimming pool servicing companies, even if they don’t excavate land and actually put in pools.

Contractors who don’t install swimming pools may still want many of these coverages, but they’ll likely be able to find a policy that’s specialized for the type of work they do rather than swimming pool-related work. For instance, a contractor who builds houses in Camden, NJ, might want a policy designed for home builders rather than one made for swimming pool contractors.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

How Can Swimming Pool Contractors Get Coverage?

Because each swimming pool contractor has unique insurance considerations and needs, contractors in New Jersey should work with an independent insurance agent when they’re looking for an insurance policy. An agent will be able to review the work a contractor does and recommend coverages that the contractor should have. They’ll also be able to help the contractor find a swimming pool contractors insurance policy that provides those coverages.

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