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Dive In Knowing You’re Covered with

Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance

Your swimming pool installation and maintenance business can be lucrative, but the work comes with unique potential risks. If a pool-related accident is traced back to your work, you may be held financially responsible for property damage or injuries. Our professionals can help tailor a swimming pool contractor insurance plan that can protect you from customer lawsuits, equipment breakdown, vehicle accidents, and more. Now you can dive into your work knowing that you and your business are adequately protected.

Consider Protecting Your:

  • Income and future earnings
  • Equipment, tools, and movable items
  • Business vehicles

Protect Yourself From:

  • Negligence and mistakes leading to lawsuits and damages
  • Harm or injury caused by your services
  • Damage from faulty workmanship and materials
  • Environmental or pollution exposures
  • Damage to equipment and materials during transport
  • Injury or property damage caused by your employees
  • Employment-related claims
  • Replacing or repairing broken equipment, owned and leased
  • Business down time and loss of income due to equipment failure
  • Vehicle accidents, bodily injury, and property damage


What is swimming pool contractor insurance?

The swimming pool installation and maintenance industry can be lucrative, but the work comes with potential risks. Should a pool-related accident be traced back to a contractor, the swimming pool contractor might be held financially responsible for any property or injuries that occur. Swimming pool contractors insurance helps protect contractors that install and maintain swimming pools from many of the possible risks they’re exposed to. Swimming pool contractors insurance policies are uniquely designed to meet the insurance needs of contractors that install residential and/or commercial swimming pools. Most policies provide a host of coverages that can be adapted for a specific contractor’s needs.

What coverages do swimming pool contractors policies provide?

Since policies can frequently be adjusted to meet a contractor’s needs, the exact coverages they provide can vary. Nevertheless, there are a variety of property and liability coverages that many policies include as either standard or optional protections. Some of the property coverages that policies might offer include: Commercial property coverage, which might protect buildings, equipment, and supplies that are on property a contractor owns; inland marine coverage, which may protect equipment and supplies while they’re being transported to and from job sites; extra expenses coverage, which might offer financial resources to pay for renting a commercial space if a contractor’s facility is rendered unusable by a covered incident; and equipment breakdown coverage, which may pay to have equipment that breaks during a covered incident repaired or replaced. The liability coverages that come with a policy may include: General liability coverage, which is used in many industries to protect against a host of general risks; umbrella liability coverage, which is a supplemental form of liability protection; and pollution coverage, which may be necessary when working with pool chlorine, hypochlorite, muriatic acid, or other pool chemicals. Most swimming pool contractors also need commercial auto insurance, which itself typically offers a combination of property and liability auto coverages. commercial auto insurance is sometimes purchased through a swimming pool contractors policy, and sometimes it’s obtained as a stand-alone policy.

Are there any coverages that swimming pool contractors policies don’t offer?

Swimming pool contractors policies generally don’t offer workers compensation insurance, health insurance, life insurance (for business owners), or disability insurance. These coverages usually have to be purchased through separate policies.

What contractors should consider getting swimming pool contractors coverage?

Most contractors who install, service, or repair swimming pools ought to consider purchasing swimming pool contractors coverage. Even companies that don’t excavate land and install pools can still benefit from many of the protections that these policies provide.

How much does swimming pool contractors coverage cost?

As is the case with most types of insurance, the cost of swimming pool contractors coverage varies a lot. Premiums are based on many different factors, such as what type of work a swimming pool contractor does, where a contractor’s business is located, whether a contractor has filed claims in the past, how many employees a contractor has, what type of equipment a contractor owns and uses, and what coverages and limits a policy includes.



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