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Surety Bonds in New Jersey (NJ)

Surety bonds offer a secure means of ensuring all parties involved in a contract fulfill their end of the agreement. While most common in the construction industry, surety bonds are effective and productive for entities in various industries across New Jersey. If you want to obtain an NJ surety bond, World Insurance can help ensure you get a surety bond that meets your needs.

What Are Surety Bonds?

What Are Surety Bonds?

Surety bonds are contracts between three parties--the principal, the obligee, and the surety, who provides the surety bond and ensures compliance. These contracts serve to guarantee that the terms of an existing agreement will be fulfilled by both parties.

Obtaining a surety bond can offer security and stability in an agreement, providing certainty and alleviating anxiety. Surety bonds can also ensure that adequate compensation is provided in the event that the agreement is not fulfilled.

In some cases, surety and fidelity bonds can account for unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters that may impact the ability of the obligee to complete their end of the agreement. Surety bonds are useful among contractors for this reason.

How Does Surety and Bonding Work in New Jersey?

Surety bonds serve to guarantee fulfillment of an agreement or compensation should the agreement fall through. These contracts protect the client rather than the individual or business making the purchase (the principal), and if the principal fails to uphold their end of the agreement in any way, the surety will pay any related claims.

Surety bonds are unlike most types of insurance because they do not protect the buyer. Instead, they largely protect customers and taxpayers from financial losses, and in many cases, surety bonds are required by state and federal law for contractors and businesses.

Customers may file a claim if any party involved in the surety bond violates the terms of their agreement.

World Insurance’s Process for New Jersey Bonds

World Insurance’s Process for New Jersey Bonds

Businesses and contractors may find that the process of securing an NJ surety bond is complex and confusing. Fortunately, World Insurance has the experience and expertise to help you better understand surety bonds. We strive to make the process as simple and easy as possible to ensure you can get the coverage you need.

World Insurance’s Process for New Jersey Bonds


Complete Our Contact Form

To get started, take a few minutes to fill out our basic application form. Here, you can provide information to reflect what you want and need out of a surety bond for your business. By spending a short amount of time to complete this form, we will help you and your business become more confident and certain when signing agreements.


Receive Your Consultation with a Surety Agent

Within 24 hours of completing our application form, you will hear from a surety agent who will work with you in your pursuit of a surety bond. Your agent may request your employer identification number, as well as other identifying information such as your social security and occupational license numbers, so that they can review your credit history for both your personal and business finances.

During this discussion period, your surety agent will help determine your eligibility as well as pricing options, and they can help answer any questions you might have about NJ surety bonds.


Sign the Bond and Provide the Premium Payment

Once you have settled on a surety bond that best suits the needs of your business, your surety agent will help walk you through the necessary paperwork before asking you to sign. When you are confident in your decision, you can sign the documents and send the premium you have agreed upon.

The signing process is a simple but critical part of ensuring your business agreements are properly insured so that you can maintain a positive reputation and be confident in your business dealings.


Receive Your New Jersey Surety Bond

Once you have signed the proper documents and provided your premium payment, you should receive your surety bond the next day. At this point, you will be able to send along your surety bond to the relevant parties, including the obligee and any government entities that required you to obtain a surety bond.

World Insurance will support you and your business should anyone file a claim regarding your surety bond. Contact one of our surety bond specialists if you are looking to obtain a surety bond in NJ.

Construction Surety Bonds in New Jersey

The construction industry of New Jersey has a high demand for surety bonds, and World Insurance can help with your NJ construction security bond needs.

What are Construction Security Bonds?

What are Construction Security Bonds?

Often required for construction jobs in New Jersey--as well as any contractor or business jobs involved with public works--construction security bonds offer protection from financial loss as the result of failure on the part of a contractor. Such failures can include disruptions or unmet specifications as outlined by a contract.

The Types of Construction Security Bonds Available in New Jersey

Construction security bonds for New Jersey projects can take on various forms to account for different needs and expectations.

Bid Bond

When bidding on a contract, contractors must submit a bid bond that guarantees they will start and complete the project at a specific agreed-upon cost.

Performance Bond

Put simply, performance bonds ensure that a contractor’s performance will meet the expectations of an outlined agreement, typically taking into account relevant regulations and terms.

Paymeny Bond

Payment bonds provide assurance that contractors, workers, and suppliers will be paid sufficiently and on-time for the work they complete.

Maintenance Bond

A maintenance bond promises that the materials used and work completed is high-quality. In particular, our maintenance bonds ensure that craftsmanship and labor is guaranteed for up to two years past the date a project is completed.

Completion Bond

Similar to the performance bond, a completion bond simply guarantees that a project will be completed within the outlined parameters, often including deadlines, costs, and more. Performance obligations may also be included in a completion bond.

Other Common NJ Surety Bonds

While construction security bonds are among the most common in New Jersey, there are other kinds of surety bonds that you might consider for your business.

License and Permit Bond

License and Permit Bond

Offering protection to consumers, license and permit bonds ensure that businesses will follow all laws, regulations, restrictions, and any other requirements as mandated by local, state, and federal governments. License bonds can provide the additional benefit of protecting consumers and the government from any fraudulent activity conducted by a bonded business.

In most industries, license and permit bonds are required prior to any official business authorizations.

Liquor Bond

Liquor Bond

Also known as alcohol distributor bonds, liquor bonds guarantee that the license holder obeys the applicable laws and regulations that apply to their license and activity.

Liquor bonds and regulations vary across state lines, so it is important that you learn about the specific requirements for liquor bonds in New Jersey before moving forward.

Probate Surety Bonds

Probate Surety Bonds

Probate surety bonds, which may also be referred to as fiduciary bonds, are a broad type of bond that provides security and protection whenever an individual is appointed to act on behalf of someone else or an entity.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Dealers of new, used, and refurbished vehicles must obtain a motor vehicle dealer bond prior to conducting any official business. These bonds ensure that vehicle dealers comply with legal and ethical obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions About NJ Surety Bonds

How Do I Get a Surety Bond in Jersey Fast?

Fill out our simple application form online, and you will hear from an experienced surety agent within 24 hours. Our specialists can help you quickly identify what your business needs from a surety bond and will get you set up for success.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in New Jersey for Actions Under Surety Bonds?

Unless the surety bond explicitly states otherwise, the statute of limitation to sue under a private contract is generally one year beyond the cause of action date. For public contracts, the limit is typically one year and ninety days after the date the claimant last operated under their contract through labor performance or material furnishing.

If I Have Poor Credit in New Jersey, Can I Still Get a Surety Bond?

Good credit can help you get approved more quickly and provide you with more affordable rates. Even if your credit score is lower than what is ideal, World Insurance will help find the best surety bond for your business and its projects.

How Much are NJ Surety Bonds?

Typically, NJ surety bonds will cost between 1%-15% of the bond’s total value. However, the specific amount you will pay depends on factors such as your business’s needs and financial history.

How Do I Know If I Need a Surety Bond for My New Jersey Business?

If you want to know whether a surety bond is required for your New Jersey business, contact World Insurance today. We can provide more information and discuss your options.

Consulting the New Jersey Department of State website can also give you more insight into surety bond requirements for businesses.

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