Loss Control Services

Get loss control services via our partnership with D.O.T. Compliance Services. Inc., our in-house professional compliance advisor. These serves include:

  • Claims analysis and mitigation: Classifies claims by department, allegation, and type to compare your claim frequencies, severities, and resolution costs with your peers. Determines specific loss drivers and quantifies the effects of recommended changes in practice to reduce your claims.
  • Safety enhancement: Improves your safety and prevents losses from occurring.
  • Claim management: Achieves the best possible outcomes by developing claim management strategies (including referrals to national counsel and industry experts).

The goal of loss control services are to:

  • Reduce insured and uninsured losses in your business.
  • Reduce the cost of insuring your business due to an improved loss profile and the risk mitigation strategy.
  • Meet and exceed the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Program (CSA 2010).

CSA 2010 is now fully operational and activities like random roadside inspections, warning letters, and interventions are being fully enforced!

Visit the website for D.O.T. Compliance Services, LLC here, or fill out the form below to request more information.


DOT Compliance Services, LLC


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