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Loss control is a Risk Management technique that seeks to reduce the possibility that a loss will occur and reduce the severity of those that do occur.

A loss control program should help insureds reduce claims and insurers reduce losses through safety and Risk Management Information and Services.

What is the Insured's Responsibility?

  • Rate - Access loss causing hazards
  • Record - Document the discovery
  • Remove/Repair - Clean it and fix it
  • Resume - Run operations with confidence

What is the Insurer's Requirement?

  • Central Station Fire Alarm Certificate/Contract
  • Central Station Burglar Alarm Certificate/Contract
  • Sprinkler Maintenance/Service Contract
  • Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form
    (building construction and opening protection roof, windows, and doors)
  • Annual Roof Maintenance Agreement or Current Roofer's Report
  • Roof Replacement Invoices - Roof Repair Invoices
  • Material Safety Data Sheets for any chemical storage
  • Plot Survey including a building diagram for total area
  • Cooking Equipment Servicing Agreement(s) for hood and duct cleaning and      automatic extinguishing systems
  • Verification of Code Compliance for any spray paint booth(s)
  • Gross Revenue and payroll Verification - Financial Report, Tax Filing, P&L            and 941
  • Exterminator/Pest Control Contract Agreement
  • Grantor of Franchise Agreement
  • Third Party Lender Agreements including hold harmless
  • Tenant Lease Agreement

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