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Grocery store insurance policies normally include multiple individual coverages that create a web of protection against potential liability risks. The following are just some potential perils that a policy might offer coverage for. (Exact coverages and protections vary depending on policies’ terms and conditions).

Grocery Store Insurance

Slip and Fall Accidents

Almost any business that owns property needs to protect against so-called “slip and fall” accidents. These are generally common accidents in which a third party slips, trips or otherwise falls, and files a personal injury claim for injuries sustained in the fall.

While this type of accident is a concern for many different businesses, grocery stores may be particularly susceptible to these types of claims. Stores frequently have sizeable properties, serve many customers, and have numerous items that could fall onto the floor and cause someone to trip. Even before considering the many liquid food items that may spill, the risk of having a customer fall is often substantial.

Protection for slip and fall accidents is commonly included in general liability coverage, which most supermarket insurance policies include as a standard protection. When reviewing this portion of a supermarket policy, business owners should carefully consider the policy’s limits to make sure they have adequate protection against potentially expensive lawsuits.

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Parking Lot Accidents

When accidents occur in store parking lots, whether the grocery store is financially liable for any damage or injuries sustained typically depends on the specifics of the incident. Sometimes, a driver may be deemed fully responsible. Other times, a store may be held accountable.

No matter who is ultimately found responsible for a parking lot accident, however, stores may face substantial legal fees. It’s become common practice to file claims against any party that might be found responsible for an accident, and stores can be named in lawsuits if accidents occur on their property. Even if a store is ultimately exonerated from responsibility, any legal fees associated with defending the store quickly add up.

Parking lot accidents aren’t limited to vehicle-on-vehicle collisions. They can also include slip and fall incidents, damage caused by shopping carts, burglaries, vehicle-pedestrian collisions and more.

Because there are many different kinds of accidents that can occur in parking lots, store owners should review their supermarket insurance protection’s with an insurance agent who specializes in this type of commercial insurance. A specialized agent will know what accidents are common and what protections are available.

Grocery Store Insurance

Foodborne Illnesses

Should shoppers contract a foodborne illness from items sold by a grocery store, the store might be held liable for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses. If illnesses are serious, cause death or affect lots of customers, claims can become quite expensive.

Many supermarket insurance policies include specialized product liability coverages that help protect against risks like these. Again, an insurance agent who specializes in grocery store insurance can help make sure a policy includes robust product liability coverage.

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Workplace Injuries

Customers and vendors, of course, aren’t the only people who might be injured at a grocery store. Employees can also suffer injuries and illnesses, and stores are frequently expected to provide compensation for any work-related injuries or illnesses that employees do sustain.

Employee injuries and illnesses are normally treated differently than third-party injuries and illnesses, with employee incidents falling under the domain of workers compensation insurance. By covering employee injuries and illnesses, workers compensation often acts as a form of liability protection for the employer.

Workers compensation may be found in some, but not necessarily all, supermarket insurance policies. Agents who specialize in this type of insurance, however, can often also help stores find a separate workers compensation policy if it must be purchased apart from the main policy.

Review Your Grocery Store Insurance

If you’re unsure whether your grocery store is adequately protected, contact the grocery store insurance specialists at World insurance Associates. Our agents are independent and have helped many stores find policies that have the liability coverages they need. We’ll be happy to review your store’s current policy and help you make adjustments if necessary.

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