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man in warehouseDo you need inland marine insurance? You recognize the importance of covering your business’s assets even when you are mobile. This type of insurance can help to protect those assets while you are working off-site. A standard policy sometimes does not cover the assets you need when you are working offsite. Commercial inland marine insurance can help fill in those gaps. It could be the ideal type of coverage for your needs.

What Is Included?

Inland marine insurance provides coverage for many types of incidents and assets. Inland marine insurance is basically meant for property that is more mobile in nature. This property generally needs more coverage than a traditional business policy. Some of the potential inclusions in this type of insurance are:

  • It can cover computers and electronic equipment the company uses offsite.
  • It covers many types of tools and equipment that your company and your contractors use. This may include mobile equipment as well as your everyday hand tools.
  • If you have it, it can cover motor truck cargo. These are the types of goods that an insured trucking company delivers.
  • It can cover transportation form, which is coverage for goods that an insured common carrier delivers and receives.
  • It may cover camera equipment or other high-end equipment necessary for the job.

Inland marine insurance can also provide other types of protections. It may offer animal protection, dealer service form, and vending machine form. Your agent can often help you customize your policy to meet your specific needs. You can choose the value and the type of assets covered by the policy.

If your business operates by going from one location to the next for any type of service, you may need this form of business insurance. Work with your agent to create a customized policy for your needs.

If you have questions about how inland marine insurance can help your medical practice, call the Joseph A. Britton Agency today at (800) 462-3401.

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