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Videographer insurance policies, like many other commercial insurance policies, are normally comprised of multiple coverages that work together to provide robust protection. Here are some of the more common coverages that videographer policies may provide and why you likely want to get them if you’re in this line of work.

Videographer Insurance

General Liability Coverage

General liability coverage provides broad protection that’s applicable across many industries and types of work. It usually insures against a few main risks:

  • Common accidents resulting in injury to other parties or damage to their property

  • Defamation lawsuits, including both libel and slander suits

  • False advertising claims and lawsuits

While you could face any of these potential issues, the first risk is perhaps the most likely of the three. Should someone trip over a cord or bag that’s left out, they might hold you responsible for any injuries that are sustained during the resulting fall. This is just one example of an incident that a videographer insurance policy's general liability coverage might protect against.

Protect Your Business

Professional Liability Coverage

Anytime people work in a professional capacity, they might be held financially responsible for errors in their work. Professional liability coverage usually protects against claims and lawsuits that allege a professional made a mistake in their advice or work. 

As a videographer, you work in a professional capacity and may need the protections that this coverage offers. The coverage is frequently adjusted for a specific industry, so you’ll probably want to seek out a policy that’s designed for videographers. An insurance agent who specializes in insurance for videographers can help find such a policy.

Data Security Coverage

Most businesses that store and/or transmit digital documents ought to have data security coverage. The coverage normally protects against non-malicious data breaches and malicious hacking attempts, and it may cover a wide range of online attacks. As these risks become increasingly prevalent, the coverage is getting more and more important.

When working with client videos, it’s often wise to get data security coverage that covers both sensitive client information and stored videos. Should either be compromised in a breach or attack, your business could be financially devastated if it doesn’t have sufficient protection against these threats in place.

Videographer Insurance

Business Personal Property Coverage

Business personal property is typically used to insure equipment, supplies and similar items that a business has. Should covered items be damaged and/or stolen, this protection may help pay to replace them.

When choosing business property coverage, make sure you get coverage that will fully protect all of your videography gear. For example, you’ll probably need protection for:

  • Video cameras

  • Still cameras

  • Computers

  • Tripods 

  • Lights

  • Booms

  • Microphones

  • Headphones

Of course, there is still more equipment that you might need insurance for. A robust policy should generally offer per-item coverage that’s at least equal to the value of your most expensive equipment, and an aggregate limit that’s equal to or greater than what all your equipment is worth. Additionally, it should usually cover both owned equipment and any equipment that you rent.

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Commercial Auto Coverage

Assuming you drive a vehicle to shoot locations, there’s a good chance you need commercial auto coverage. Most states require vehicles that are driven on public roads to be insured, and personal auto policies often don’t cover business-related driving. A knowledgeable agent who’s familiar with insurance for videographers can help you sort through the specifics of your policy and situation to determine what type of auto policy is needed.

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For help finding videographer insurance that has the coverages you need, contact the independent insurance agents at World Insurance Associates. Our agents are familiar with insurance for videographers, and they have the expertise necessary to help you get the coverages that your business needs.

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