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bar-liquor-liability-insurance-njConsumption of alcohol brings with it many risks, and if your business provides or merely hosts the liquor, then you are taking on all those risks magnified by the number of drinkers you serve. Without liquor liability insurance, your restaurant, bar or nightclub could be held responsible in the event that an inebriated patron causes injury or destruction of property. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, World Insurance Associates LLC can help you find suitable bar liquor liability insurance in NJ.

Protect Your Business Against the Poor Decisions of Others

Even if you do not actually sell or serve liquor, your business may be liable even just for allowing the consumption of alcohol on the premises. Your responsibility also does not terminate once a drinking customer is off the business premises. If an intoxicated patron is involved in a car accident after leaving your establishment, you could be held responsible for damages to any affected parties.

Make Sure Your Policy Includes Assault and Battery Coverage

Liquor-induced fights are one of the most common causes of alcohol-related claims. If one or more intoxicated patrons engages in violent activity, your business could become the target of a lawsuit over any injuries sustained in the incident. To best protect yourself against these claims, seek a policy for liquor insurance in New Jersey that includes assault and battery coverage.

Steps You Can Take to Reduce Alcohol-Related Incidents

You can mitigate the risk of an incident by serving alcohol responsibly. Ensure all employees are trained on how to handle intoxicated patrons. Don’t serve alcohol to people who are already inebriated, whether they became so before or after entering your establishment. Enforce strict measuring when mixing drinks, and encourage the use of taxis or designated drivers.

Prepare for What You Cannot Prevent

Even if you and your employees exercise the utmost vigilance, you may still become the target of a frivolous lawsuit. Make sure you are adequately protected with liquor insurance that provides coverage for your legal defense fees as well as any damages and medical costs you may be liable for. For help finding liquor liability insurance in NY and New Jersey, turn to the expertise of World Insurance Associates LLC; we will work with you to deliver a policy tailored to your needs and budget.

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