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Purchasing a fitness instructor insurance policy that offers robust protection against the risks that you’re exposed to while working with clients is important, but it’s not all that you can do to protect yourself as a fitness instructor. Here are some steps that you can take to further protect yourself and your business -- and to reduce the chances that you need to file a claim against your fitness instructor policy.

Fitness Instructor Insurance

Protect Any Business Assets You have

First, make sure you protect any equipment or other assets that your business has. Items shouldn’t be left unattended at gyms, and they ought to be locked up somewhere secure at the end of the day. 

Most policies that provide insurance for fitness instructors make personal property coverage available, and this coverage may extend to a variety of assets that your business owns. Having coverage in place isn’t a substitute for taking care of your gear, though. Properly securing equipment is simple and takes only a few moments, and it’ll reduce the likelihood that equipment is stolen and you need to file a claim against any personal property coverage your policy has.

Protect Your Business

Have Clients Sign Waivers Before Training

Second, have any new client sign a waiver of liability before you begin working with them. A waiver won’t completely absolve you of all responsibility, but it’s a legal resource that may help you prevent or refute an injury claim that someone makes. 

To make sure your waiver is as effective as possible, it should be crafted in accordance with all applicable laws in your state and local jurisdiction. A legal professional or trade group can assist with creating a waiver that’s worded well.

Additionally, it’s generally important to require new clients to sign a waiver before you do any formal training or instruction with them. This includes both private clients and people attending group glasses, for anyone you work with could be injured and their injury could occur in the first few moments of working with them. You’ll want protection from the very beginning.

Ask At-Risk Clients to Obtain a Medical Clearance

Third, ask any clients who you think are especially at risk of sustaining an injury to obtain a medical clearance before working with them. When appropriate, clearance from a qualified medical provider may supplement a waiver and give you additional legal protection.

Fitness Instructor Insurance

Properly Instruct Each Client on Each Exercise

Fourth, assume every one of your clients has no understanding regarding the safety considerations of each exercise they do. Give them instruction on each machine, lift and pose, so you know they were shown how to properly do what you’re telling them to. 

Clients who haven’t done the exercises before will need the guidance, and those who have can still benefit from a quick safety refresher. You’ll also be shielding yourself from potential claims that a client’s injury was caused partly because you failed to show them the necessary safety precautions.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

Avoid High-Risk Activities

Fifth, avoid high-risk activities. Even though extreme workouts are popular right now, these leave you exposed to greater risk because the likelihood of injury is naturally higher. By avoiding any risky activities, you’ll reduce both the chances of injury and the likelihood that a jury finds your program overly risky.

If you must help clients with high-risk activities, at least speak with an insurance agent who specializes in insurance for fitness instructors about your situation. A specialized agent will know what fitness instructor insurance policies can best help mitigate the risks that your activities expose you to.

Make Sure You Have Fitness Instructor Insurance

Along with taking these five steps, you should also make sure you have a robust fitness instructor insurance policy in place. A policy may help you survive claims that arise despite your best preventative measures. For help finding comparing policies that offer insurance for fitness instructors and selecting one that suits your needs, contact the independent insurance agents at World Insurance Associates.

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