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Arm in a castThere’s always a chance that medical practice employees could become hurt or sick on the job. Practice employees work in an environment that caters to illness and injury risks. Therefore, they need to take special care to avoid succumbing to illness themselves.

If an employee gets hurt or sick at work, you likely have to provide workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is supplementary income that the practice provides to help an incapacitated employee recover. Many employers carry workers compensation insurance as a way to provide these funds.

With this insurance, you won’t have to spend critical funds if you have to compensate an injured employee. Your workers’ compensation insurance will likely provide those funds.

However, there are other ways to reduce your practice’s risks to employees. That way, you won’t face a frequency of workers’ compensation claims on your insurance policy. Keeping your claim risks low can often help you protect your insurance costs.

1. Maintain a professional staff

Medical practices often have to follow strict hiring guidelines. Therefore, the staff at practices come highly trained and certified. However, always judge your staff by their own levels of professionalism. Don’t ask staff to undertake duties that they may not have the training to complete.

2. Reduce your practice’s injury and illness risks

Creating a safe working environment for all your staff. Keeping your common and private areas clear of risks can protect both staff and patients. Make sure that staff don’t face injury risks from damaged appliances, materials or equipment. Furthermore, don’t knowingly send staff into a situations that could expose them to risks.

3. Institute an injury and illness prevention program

These programs help employers develop practices to reduce insurance risks within the business. Consider this a guideline system to inform employees on how to approach risks. These plans can provide a resource for employees to report potential problems. Prevention programs also allow the employer to define hazards and give tips to avoid insurance risks.

4. Follow all sanitation rules

As a medical practice you have to follow strict procedure and biohazard rules. Failure to do so could easily expose employees and patients to severe risks. The owner must ensure that every person in the practice has a sterile environment in which to work. Strictly control employee practices and do not permit them to break the law regarding medical safety.

If a workers’ compensation claim arises, your first obligation is to the injured party. Work with the injured employee and your insurance company to ensure the smooth processing of the claim.

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