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hospital employeesManaging a large medical facility can be a daunting task. It is important to protect a facility from risks that might arise. But, the risks that can arise in a large facility like a hospital are innumerable. You can’t possibly protect everyone from every risk all the time.

Your facility should make sure that medical malpractice insurance covers all your employees.

But, you have options when it comes to covering your facility from malpractice claims. Keep these tips in mind when making sure that your employees have proper coverage.

Tip 1: Know Who Needs Insurance

Often, the law requires employees of medical facilities to carry malpractice insurance. Even orderlies who push wheelchairs likely need to provide proof of malpractice insurance.

But, rules can vary on how certain employees obtain insurance. Some facilities choose to offer in-house insurance. Others have outside providers write policies on an individual basis. Some employees may have to buy special malpractice insurance based on different rules regarding their qualifications.

Tip 2: Make Sure Employees Know What Insurance They Need

It is important that employees know what malpractice insurance they need to carry. Some medical facilities automatically offer some degree of coverage to employees. However, even if your facilities offer this option, certain employees might need more coverage.

Advise employees to know their risks and buy more coverage if needed. For example, some physicians may use hospital facilities despite having outside practices. Make sure that physicians have coverage both in their own practices and in your facility.

Tip 3: Have Insurance Proof on File

Require all employees to provide proof of malpractice insurance. In many cases, this is the law. Make sure that you keep detailed records of which employees are correctly insured. Notify employees when they need to update or change their insurance.

It is also a good idea to keep dedicated insurance professionals on hand. A knowledgeable financial department or insurance management firm can evaluate how different employees should carry coverage.

We are proud to offer medical malpractice insurance to fit your needs. If you have questions about how to properly cover your facility, contact us today at (908) 654-6464.

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