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Medical professionalsMedical practices face extremely tight conduct regulations, and rightly so. A patient expects the physicians to adhere to a certain standard of care. That’s why it is important for medical professionals to follow the highest ethical standards.

The first step to having a good business is having good employees. Employees bring risks into the business. However, employees also face their own risks while at work. Medical practices should provide a good environment for employees. If they don't, those employees could claim negligence on the part of the practice.

Bad working environments lead to an increased risk for employees. There’s always a chance that employees could allege bad employment practices in the business. In cases like this, Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) can help you fight back against claims.

What is EPLI?

EPLI means to help you in cases where an employee calls your employment practices into question. Someone might allege unfair hiring practices, intimidation, sexual harassment or other ethical dilemmas.

In these cases, this coverage can help an employer fight back against such a claim. It might cover legal representation and other defense mechanisms. It may also help you compensate injured parties or enact workplace reform. Without protection, the damage to a business’ reputation and assets could be severe.

Decreasing EPLI Risks

Every business faces employment practice risks. That’s why it is important for all companies to reduce these risks to minimum levels. Doing so lessens the chances that you will ever have to file an EPLI claim.

Various laws and ethical standards govern how medical practices can avoid EPLI claims. However, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always follow local employment law. Employees do have guarantees of certain protections based on where they work. These often cover the right to receive fair and safe workplace treatment. If you violate these laws in any way, your employment practices are at risk.
  • Hire only ethical, honest employees. Anyone who works in a medical practice will engage with very sensitive material on a daily basis. Employees should not pose risks to themselves, other employees, and patients.
  • Keep a transparent hiring and retention process. You should establish rules that govern application processes.
  • Keep all employees aware of their rights and responsibilities as mandated by law. Many experts recommend strictly enforcing company employment policy. Most companies provide employees with comprehensive guides that clearly state company employment practices.
  • Have a zero tolerance policy for allegations of negative employment practices. If employees allege mistreatment by any other member of the practice, take action. You likely have a lawful duty to investigate any employment practices allegations.

Most importantly, maintain an environment that promotes openness and equality among employees. Treat your employees in a fair, courteous and ethical manner.

We can develop a strong EPLI policy for your medical practice. Call us at 800.462.3401 for more information on New York business insurance.

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