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Business peopleMany medical malpractice claims arise from situations where patients feel like providers did not behave professionally during treatment. One way to avoid the escalation of malpractice risks is to ensure that employees treat patients attentively. The priority of every physician should be to abide by the requests of the patients.

If you face a malpractice claim, you might be able to use malpractice insurance to settle the case. But, insurance may deny a claim if a doctor behaved without regard for the patient.

Medical practices must prioritize the professionalism of all of their employees. By doing so, you can reduce medical malpractice risks and shore up your liabilities.

1. Hire an Ethical Staff

Medical providers are sworn to uphold the highest standards of ethical care. Only hire professionals who can maintain a strong bedside composure with patients. Also make sure your employees follow confidentiality and consent laws.

Physicians should maintain a professional appearance, manner and put the needs of patients first. An attentive physician will go a long way to ensure that mistakes do not happen.

2. Orient your employees with your practice

When you bring a new employee into your practice, provide an orientation period. Giving an employee an orientation can help familiarize them with the practice’s standards of conduct. By making employees aware of standards of conduct, you can make the environment more comfortable for both employees and patients.

3. Keep procedure documentation on hand

Every doctor should be able to fall back on readily available information in case they need support. Make sure you keep procedure information in every examination space. These procedures should note emergency practices, sterilization rules and other biohazard information. There should also be rules on hand for verifying consent and operating any equipment. This can reduce the risk of harm to patients.

4. Put your patients first

If a patient criticizes the quality of treatment a practice offers, it could lead to malpractice claims. Therefore, take all patient dissatisfaction claims seriously. If someone is making a mistake with patients, it is always a good idea to address the issue upfront. Always strictly observe physician practices and institute best practices as needed. Some practices require employees to undergo periodic performance reviews to ensure service quality.

With the right practices, you can reduce malpractice risks to your medical office. If you face a malpractice claim, talk to your malpractice insurance agent. He or she can help you understand what steps to take.

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