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doctors posingLike every business, your medical practice comes with risks for you and your employees.

In some places, you may have to offer workers’ compensation insurance to your employees. Different areas have different laws about which employees qualify for workers’ compensation. Employees can range from physicians assistants to orderlies to office staff.

Employees can qualify for workers’ comp if they get injured or get sick while working. Your practice may have to pay workers’ compensation to an incapacitated employee. This can be the case even if the practice was not at fault in the injury. Not having workers’ compensation coverage could put your business in a financial bind.

You likely know that your practice has risks when it comes to protecting your employees. Patients face risks when they walk into the door, and those risks can also impact your employees.

You will likely face some common risks in your practice. Here are some things you can do to avoid on-the-job injury or illness.

Ensure that employees follow proper safety practices. Medical offices have a variety of items that can cause injuries when not used correctly. Medications, chemicals, surgical tools and other treatment devices can all cause injuries. Make sure that your employees know the risks of different items in the practice. You should also post notices and other warnings to let employees know about these risks.

Make sure that your office is sanitized to prevent the spread of illness. Most practices have procedures in place to minimize this risk. Make sure employees know procedures to keep your office as sterile as possible for themselves and patients.

Take precautions to have a safe environment in common spaces. Make sure that offices are clean and uncluttered to prevent falls. Fix leaks and damaged office furniture. Secure loose objects that can cause injuries. Make sure that office appliances aren’t malfunctioning. Make sure that you clearly mark emergency exits, as well as hazards like leaking pipes.

Ensure that your office has proper personal security measures. Even a door left open to the outside can pose a risk. Protect your employees with items like glass partitions at check-in counters and key codes. Make your employees aware of procedures to report, assess and de-escalate personal security threats.

Providing workers’ compensation coverage in a medical practice is important. It keeps you and your employees safe and happy.

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