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Flooded house

Damage to a medical practice can be very disruptive for patients and doctors. You likely don’t want to see your business interrupted and your services damaged.

Floods can be some of the most damaging instances that can affect a medical practice. Floods can cause widespread damages within the practice. It can take a long time for you to clean up the damages. Your business may have to close and lose lots of money in the process.

Business insurance can help with damage from perils. However, flood damage is often not included in comprehensive business insurance policies. You often have to buy flood insurance protection separately.

Medical practices contain a lot of specialty materials and information. These are expensive and sensitive items that you may have a hard time replacing. If your practice is at risk of flooding, flood insurance is a strong asset to consider.

You should always know what flood damages can happen, and how to take steps to prevent flood damages.

Possible Damages from Floods

  • Mold/Mildew: Floods can easily contaminate carpets, equipment and walls and cause mold damage. Mold is also dangerous because of the potential for exposure to patients and staff.
  • Equipment damage: Medical equipment is very expensive. In most cases it is not easy to replace. You should always try your best to move these items to safety if there is the risk of a flood.
  • Medication contamination: Floods can easily contaminate medication and sterile equipment in the office. Contamination renders these items useless, and can create cleanup hazards.
  • Record loss or damage: Floods can destroy personnel or patient records. These records contain a lot of important medical history about patients.
  • Cyber damages: Secure and back up patient information that you keep on computers. If a flood damages your computer systems, you could lose all this information.

These are just some of the ways that a flood can affect medical practices. However, you need to be vigilant to try to prevent damages.

If severe weather brings flood risks, remove equipment, medication, records and other office materials to areas that are at a low risk for damages. You can store medication on high shelves, and put records in the top drawers of cabinets.

If you can, store items in waterproof containers that seal tightly. That way, if a flood happens unexpectedly, there is still a low risk of damages.

Check for sources of in-house floods. Make sure that pipes are at low risk of bursting. Check leaks and have them repaired. Make sure that a professional inspects your plumbing.

By reducing your risks, you can maximize your business insurance protections. You should also consider getting flood insurance. The Joseph A. Britton Agency is here to help. Call us today at (800) 462-3401 for more information on business insurance. You can also explore our website to learn more.

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