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Car shopping is an exciting time.You can’t wait to drive off the lot in your new vehicle and enjoy that new car smell! The car dealer assured you that he would contact your insurance agent and not to worry, so you think your work is done. After all, you signed all the paperwork and got the keys, right?

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the car salesman to add your new vehicle to your insurance policy.

Don't Rely on Your Car Dealer to Notify Your Insurance Agent

We have received many calls from customers who bought a new car and contacted us because they hadn’t received their new ID cards yet. They are shocked when we tell them that we have no information about their new car. It turned out that the dealer never contacted us and their car was never added to the policy.

Your Agent Will Confirm Coverage + Drivers

It is so important that you contact your agent directly to make sure they have all the correct information. In addition to making sure your new vehicle is added, you may also have traded in a vehicle that needs to be removed from your policy. Plus, if you are now financing or leasing a new car, you may need to change your coverage limits.

You agent will also confirm with you the drivers on your policy and who drives which car. This is all information that you car salesman wouldn’t know to tell your agent, and some newer salesmen aren’t even sure what they need to do when it comes to adding a car to an insurance policy.

Follow-up to Verify Information

Even if you trust your salesman to contact your insurance agent, there is no harm in following-up to make sure all the information was conveyed correctly. This is also a good time for us to verify phone numbers and email addresses so we can reach you in the event of an emergency. We can also review your coverage to make sure you are getting all the applicable discounts you deserve.

Thinking of buying a new car this holiday season? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We have 24/7 phone service so you can get the ball rolling even if it is not normal business hours.

You can also notify us of changes online here. Whether it’s to add a new car, remove a car, change your limits or deductibles, or something else, we will contact you within one business day to process your change. We are here for you!


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