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people discussing hospital stuffWhen it comes to medical malpractice insurance, it’s important for your organization to have high-quality coverage in place. This is especially true in situations of individual physicians. As a business, you are responsible for the actions you take and provide to your patients. And, your business insurance is there to help you.

But, how does business insurance help when it comes to the mistakes and accidents that occur as a result of your employee’s actions? It’s important to ensure your policy carefully reflects this area of concern.

What Does Medical Malpractice Cover?

Individual physicians have comprehensive business insurance in most cases. These policies provide for a wide range of protections. Most people think of medical malpractice insurance providing financial compensation for medical-related mistakes made by the doctor. However, as a business, you are responsible for more than just the claims made against your specific services. You are also responsible for your employees and the negligence they might create.

When choosing medical malpractice insurance as an individual provider, you’ll need to consider your operation carefully. How many people do you have working with you? How many could make mistakes that could interact with patient care? You could be held vicariously liable for the actions or inactions of your employees in many situations. In other words, you might be held responsible for the negligence you create yourself as well as any negligence on the part of your employees.

What does that mean from a business insurance standpoint? When choosing coverage for your location, remember that your employees matter, too. If your employee damages your office property, such as a chair in the waiting room, your policy may cover that loss from a business property insurance perspective. A well selected, comprehensive business insurance plan also will cover the losses associated with your employee’s negligence.

Finding the right balance for individual physicians and business insurance plans can be a challenge. However, with the right malpractice plan and team in place, you can focus on your patients and their needs. It takes effort to protect a medical practice, but a customized plan is a must for ensuring it happens. 

If you have questions about property damage, comment below. We will gladly answer your question.

When an employee creates damage, what do you face as an individual physician? Your medical malpractice insurance may help to cover the losses you face. Call Joseph A. Britton Agency at (800) 462-3401 for more information

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