What is Assault & Battery Insurance?

Assault & battery insurance gives businesses coverage for a specific type of incident: physical confrontations between two or more people.

If a person is injured during a physical confrontation, they may try to hold both the individual who hurt them and the business responsible. They might sue for medical bills they have, pain and suffering they experience, income they lose, and other costs.

If a business is sued over a physical confrontation, assault and battery coverage may help pay for a business’ legal defense and any settlement that’s assessed against the business.

Why Are Hospitality Businesses Held Responsible for Physical Confrontations?

While it may seem like only the individual who caused a person’s injuries should be held liable for their medical and other expenses, businesses frequently are also held liable. There are two common scenarios in which a restaurant, bar or nightclub may be deemed responsible for a patron’s injuries.

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First, an establishment may be held responsible for a patron’s injuries if the customer is injured by a bouncer. For instance, if a customer doesn’t leave when a bouncer asks them to, the bouncer may be forced to physically remove the customer from the premises. Since the bouncer is employed by the establishment, the business may be found responsible for any harm the bouncer causes.

Second, an establishment that serves alcohol can be held liable for intoxicated patrons’ actions because the business let its customers become drunk. If a fight breaks out among drunk customers, the business might be sued for any damage or injuries that occur -- which may be severe. 

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What Businesses in New York Should Consider Assault & Battery Insurance?

Assault and battery coverage isn’t limited to the hospitality industry. For instance, private investigators sometimes get coverage in case they end up in a physical confrontation with someone. This type of coverage is especially important for bars, nightclubs, and some restaurants, though.

Any establishment in New York that has bouncers or serves alcohol should consider purchasing assault and battery coverage, as these businesses are often at an increased risk of being sued over damages or injuries that occurred during a physical confrontation.

Some businesses, such as low-key restaurants that only offer a few adult beverages, may decide that they don’t need this coverage after looking into it. These businesses should still talk with an agent about assault and battery coverage, though, so they fully understand their risk exposure and insurance protections.

How Can New York Businesses Get Assault and Battery Coverage?

Assault & battery insurance is often included in liquor liability policies, and it may also be included in other types of insurance policies. Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in New York that want to learn more about this important coverage and find out the best way to purchase it should work with an independent insurance agent who can analyze their specific situation and make recommendations on how to meet their needs. 

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Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are fun places where people go to relax and have a good time. Occasionally, however, things can get out of hand -- and people can be hurt. If a patron is injured during a physical confrontation at business, the business may be held financially responsible for their injuries. Assault & battery insurance helps protect businesses in New York from this kind of risk.

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