What is Sandwich Shop Insurance?

Sandwich shops and delis are a New York staple, and there may not be a better state to own such an eatery in. Running a sandwich shop or deli takes a lot of hard work, though -- and all of the effort invested in an eatery can be lost in a single burglary, fire, or similar incident if a shop isn’t protected. Sandwich shop insurance helps sandwich shop and deli owners protect their eateries from these and other potential risks.

Sandwich shop insurance policies are package policies designed to meet the insurance needs of sandwich shops and delis. As package policies, they typically include several individual policies. The exact individual policies that a package contains can be customized to a particular sandwich shop or deli’s needs. Sandwich shop policies are also sometimes called deli policies.

What Coverages Does Deli Insurance Provide?

Since deli insurance policies can be customized, there’s no single set of individual policies that every deli package policy includes. Nevertheless, there are several coverages that most sandwich shops and delis choose to include in their package policies.

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Some commonly selected coverages are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which provides broad protection against many liability claims
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may protect an eatery if it’s responsible for spreading a food-borne disease
  • Contents Coverage, which might help protect cash registers, ovens, small wares, tables, seats, decorations, and similar items
  • Food Contamination Coverage, which may cover meats, cheeses, and other foods that spoil after a covered incident
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which could help pay for repairs if a covered incident leads to equipment failure

Sandwich shops and delis that offer delivery by car usually also need commercial auto insurance. Many sandwich shops and delis in New York, however, only offer local delivery by foot or bike -- and, therefore, don’t need this coverage. If it’s required, commercial auto insurance can usually be added to a deli policy.

Most sandwich shops and delis also need workers compensation insurance, because they have employees. Workers compensation coverage is usually bought separately from a deli policy, though.

Protect Your Business What Types of Incidents Does Deli Insurance Protect Against?

The exact incidents that a deli policy provides protection for will depend on its terms, conditions, and exclusions. Some examples of incidents that a policy may cover include:

  • A malfunctioning oven that causes a fire
  • A lengthy power outage that causes food in refrigerators and freezers to spoil
  • An outbreak of an illness that’s caused by improperly handled meat
  • A vandal breaking in and destroying equipment and seating

What Eateries in New York Should Consider a Deli Policy?

Any food service business that has a physical location in New York and primarily serves sandwiches may want deli insurance. Whether called a sandwich shop, deli, sub shop, cafe or something else, eateries that serve sandwiches and have a fixed location face many similar potential risks that deli insurance is designed to protect against.

Mobile eateries, food trucks, and caterers that primarily serve sandwiches might want to consider a deli policy, but these businesses tend to be better off with food truck or catering insurance.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

How Can Sandwich Shops and Delis Get a Sandwich Shop Insurance Policy?

Sandwich shops and delis in New York that want to learn more about how sandwich shop insurance could shield them from potential perils should contact an independent insurance agent who’s familiar with the food service industry. An agent who specializes in insurance policies for the food industry will be familiar with the nuances of sandwich shop policies, and able to help a sandwich shop or deli find a policy that meets its unique needs.


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