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Be the Hostess with the Most…Protection

Catering Insurance

You go above and beyond to provide your clients with the very best of everything. And your complex business has many moving pieces—planning, shopping, set up, cooking, serving, and clean up—all of which creates a big window for disaster. Protect your business and your livelihood with quality catering insurance. Our experts can tailor a plan specifically for your unique liabilities, such as lawsuits from negligent service of alcohol, food sickness, property damage, equipment failure, reputational risks, and food or drink contamination. Then you can focus solely on being the hostess with the most-est.

Consider Protecting Your:

  • Income and future earnings
  • Inventory, equipment, tools, and movable items
  • Business vehicles

Protect Yourself From:

  • Harm or injury caused by drink and food-borne illnesses
  • Bodily injury or property damage from intoxicated patrons
  • Damage to equipment and materials while being transported
  • Personal injury or property damage caused by your employees
  • False advertising, slander, or libel claims
  • Weather-related events and power outages
  • Replacing or repairing broken equipment
  • Business down time and loss of income due to equipment failure
  • Food or goods lost as a result of equipment malfunction
  • Vehicle accidents, bodily injury, and property damage


How much does catering insurance cost?

The costs for catering and alcohol bonds varies depending on your specific business. Some common risks are food poisoning, alcohol-related accidents, property damage, and equipment malfunction. To ensure you have the best insurance for your business, speak with an experienced agent who can explain your options and make sure you have everything covered.

What is catering insurance?

Catering events for clients is a fun and potentially profitable career. It comes with several inherent risks, though. Catering policies help protect caterers from lots of the risks they’re exposed to every time they cater an event. This insurance is similar to restaurant insurance, but catering policies take into account the unique challenges and risks that serving food at off-site locations presents. Most catering policies are written as package policies, combining several coverages into a single policy.

What coverages are offered by catering policies?

The exact coverages that a catering policy offers are usually customized for a caterer’s particular situation. Therefore, not all catering policies have the same coverages. Nevertheless, there are many coverages that lots of policies do offer. These coverages can be grouped into property protections and catering liability insurance protections. Property coverages help protect the property that caterers own. Even though caterers may not own a building, they still usually have property that should be insured. Catering liability insurance coverages help protect caterers in situations where they’re at fault or accused of being at fault.

Do catering policies provide workers compensation coverage?

Catering policies usually aren’t set up to offer workers compensation coverage. They also don’t normally provide health or disability insurance. Caterers that need these insurances for their employees normally purchase them apart from a catering policy.

What sorts of incidents do catering policies cover?

Precisely what incidents a catering policy covers depends on the policy’s coverages, terms, conditions, and exclusions. With the right protections in place, a policy may cover incidents such as equipment fires, food poisoning, damage or injuries caused by intoxicated guests, false advertising, slander, and libel lawsuits.

What businesses need catering policies?

Caterers, of course, should consider getting a catering policy. It’s typically the most affordable and convenient way to get the insurance coverages that caterers need. Catering policies aren’t just for caterers, though. Any eatery that offers off-site catering may need a catering policy. This includes restaurants, bars, and other establishments that have physical locations but also cater events. For, these businesses are often exposed to many of the same risks that caterers face.



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