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Hazmat Truck Insurance

The transportation of hazardous materials is an essential job that poses unique risks and challenges.

Public safety is a top priority in hazmat trucking. Trucking companies must account for the risks posed by nature of working in the trucking industry, but they must also recognize and address the risks associated with transporting hazardous materials.

Hazmat truck insurance can help protect trucking companies, drivers, customers, and more. Ensuring your hazmat trucking insurance is comprehensive and provides sufficient coverage can help you mitigate risk and avoid unforeseen loss.

Hazmat trucking insurance policies are a form of commercial trucking insurance. With hazmat truck insurance, you will be protected from the risks that come with operating a commercial trucking business as well as the specific risks associated with handling hazardous materials.

Overview of Hazardous Materials Trucking

Hauling hazardous materials can be a remarkably profitable business, but hazmat trucking can be riskier than other types of commercial trucking.

Because of the high risk involved with transporting hazardous materials, taking proper precautions is absolutely necessary. In addition to ensuring that your vehicles and drivers are equipped to safely transport these materials, obtaining sufficient hazmat trucking insurance is also critical.

What is Hazmat Truck Insurance?

Hazardous materials are among the most heavily regulated cargo types due to the risk and danger involved in transporting such products. Compared to other types of commercial trucking, hazmat trucking tends to require more expensive insurance, but hazmat carriers can often stand to earn more for transporting hazardous materials than any other type of cargo.

Hazmat truck insurance is required by state and federal governments to mitigate risk and promote public safety. Insuring your cargo, vehicles, drivers, and more can help protect you in the event that something goes wrong.

Who Needs Commercial Trucking Insurance for Hauling Hazardous Materials?

There are many types of hazardous materials. Anything that is flammable, poisonous, explosive, or poses some kind of threat or danger can be considered hazardous. Knowing what materials are classified as hazardous will help you determine what kind of commercial trucking insurance you need.

Hazardous materials come in several classes as identified by the United States Department of Transportation. The nine hazardous materials classes consist of the following:

  • Explosives
  • Gases
  • Flammable liquids
  • Flammable solids
  • Oxidizing substances OR organic peroxides
  • Toxic and infectious substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosives
  • Any other dangerous goods

If you are going to haul hazardous materials, you will need to secure the right kind of commercial trucking insurance to protect yourself and your business. Specifically, you will need to look for and obtain hazmat truck insurance through a knowledgeable, experienced insurance provider.

At World Insurance, our trucking insurance team has decades of experience providing exceptional coverage at reasonable rates for your commercial trucking insurance needs. Hazmat trucking is an especially risky business that presents ample opportunity for success and growth; securing the right insurance can give you the protection and security you need to operate your business.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hazmat Trucking Insurance Carrier

When looking for hazmat trucking insurance, it is important to shop around and find a broker that has experience and industry knowledge. An agent who does not understand the nature of the commercial trucking industry, let alone the specific risks and challenges associated with hazmat trucking, will not be able to offer productive, actionable insight into your business or insurance policy.

Working with an insurance company that can demonstrate its proficiency in commercial trucking insurance and its knowledge of hazmat trucking is the way to go.

Why World Insurance Is the Right Hazmat Truck Insurance Company for You

Why World Insurance Is the Right Hazmat Truck Insurance Company for You

With decades of commercial trucking insurance experience, the team at World Insurance is fully equipped to advise you on the right hazmat truck coverages.

We will work with you to identify what coverage you need and how you can keep yourself and your assets safe. Because many of our team members previously worked as truckers, you can feel confident in our dedication to ensuring your hazmat trucking business is protected.

How to Get a Hazmat Trucking Insurance Policy from World Insurance

Getting hazmat trucking insurance can be a challenge for many. At World Insurance, we want to make the process as simple as possible so we can provide the coverage you need to operate your business.


Fill Out the Form to Request a Quote

Before we can move forward, you will need to fill out our easy form with essential information so that we can contact you and verify your needs. By supplying information relating to yourself, your business, and what you need from your insurance, you will allow us to connect you with an insurance agent who has the most relevant knowledge and experience.


Receive Your Quote from a Hazmat Trucking Insurance Agent

Once you submit your form, one of our experienced trucking insurance agents will reach out to you. Your insurance agent will provide insight into their hazmat trucking insurance recommendations and offer quotes for your consideration.

Keep in mind that insuring commercial trucks for the transportation of hazardous materials can be costly. However, hazmat truck insurance is necessary to keep you and your business safe.

Ensuring that you have the best coverage at an affordable rate is our goal, and your trucking insurance agent can help you understand the rates they present as well as ways you can lower your insurance premium.


Choose Your Policy

After receiving your hazmat trucking insurance quotes and discussing your options with your agent, you will need to decide what policy you to choose.

Once you come to an agreement with your insurance agent and carrier, you will be able to sign your trucking insurance policy and obtain proof of coverage.


Begin Coverage

By signing your policy and obtaining proof of coverage, you will grant yourself the ability to legally proceed with your hazmat trucking operations. Your commercial trucking insurance not only permits you to operate without risk of legal trouble, it also provides you with a layer of security and protection should any unfortunate circumstances occur.

Insurance Coverages for Hazmat Trucking

When pursuing hazmat trucking insurance coverage, you should be aware of the different types of coverage available to you. Some coverage is required by law, but other forms are optional.

Consider your specific needs, concerns, and operations before choosing a hazmat trucking insurance policy to ensure you are fully covered.

Collision and Comprehensive

Collision and comprehensive coverage for hazmat trucking protects your vehicle and any attached trailers from damage incurred as the result of:

  • Overturn
  • Vandalism
  • Upset
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • And other loss


Downtime coverage can offer extra protection in the event that your vehicle is rendered inoperable. Additionally, downtime insurance can help you keep up with bills and other liabilities during periods in which you are not actively hauling hazardous materials.

Pollution Liability

An essential component of effective hazmat trucking insurance policies, pollution liability coverage can help cover the costs of cleanup if a spill were to occur. This type of hazmat trucking coverage also accounts for damages that occur as a result of a spill.

General Liability

General liability insurance for hazmat trucks provides coverage for any injuries or damages that result from the actions of a trucker. General liability coverage may also help with legal fees, wrongful delivery coverage, and more, depending on the policy.

Excess Liability

Because of the risky nature of transporting hazardous materials, excess liability may be a reasonable addition to your hazmat trucking insurance policy. As the name suggests, excess liability coverage offers additional protection beyond what the general liability coverage can supply.

Truck Rental Reimbursement

In the event of an incident that puts a truck out of operation, having hazmat truck rental reimbursement coverage can allow you to complete jobs while the other vehicle is repaired. This type of coverage can permit you to continue working and provide you with rental reimbursement.

What Materials Are Considered Hazardous Cargo?

The US Department of Transportation (US DOT) enforces strict regulations on hazardous materials to ensure public safety.

The risk of damage and injury is much higher for hazmat trucks than other commercial trucking endeavors; in the event of an accident or overturn, the damage caused by such an incident could easily exceed that of another vehicle, resulting in higher liability, collision, and other coverage for hazmat trucks.

Many hazmat trucks transport materials in tankers, but that is not always the case. The type of transportation needed depends on the hazardous cargo. Common examples of hazardous cargo include:




Air bags




Aerosols (like household cleaners or spray paints)


Propane tanks




Fire extinguishers


Gasoline and other combustible fuels






Hydrogen peroxide




Pesticides and insecticides


Blood samples


Lithium batteries

Hazardous cargo can consist of many different materials. Knowing what you are transporting as well as the risks involved can help you obtain the right insurance to keep your business protected.

Requirements for Hazmat Commercial Truck Insurance

The requirements for hazmat commercial truck insurance may vary depending on state-specific regulations. You should first consider the federal requirements for hazmat truck insurance before choosing an insurance policy, but it is important to learn about your state’s requirements, as well, to ensure your coverage is sufficient.

When seeking hazmat trucking insurance, choosing an insurance agency with the right experience and knowledge is critical. Working with an insurance agent who can offer insight and advice about your truck insurance policy, as well as safe hazmat trucking practices, will be an asset.

The team at World Insurance has access to many hazmat trucking carriers and can provide exceptional guidance resulting from years of experience on the road and within the industry. Working with an insurance agency that can connect with you and understand your specific concerns and needs will give you additional confidence and protection.

Hazmat Trucking Insurance Cost Factors

Hazmat Trucking Insurance Cost Factors

The cost of hazmat trucking insurance can be high to account for the high risk involved with transporting hazardous goods. However, hauling hazardous materials is often a lucrative business, making the higher insurance costs worthwhile.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the cost of your hazmat trucking insurance. These factors include:

  • Fleet size
  • Material type
  • Material quantity
  • Driving record
  • Previous accidents
  • Regulation violations

To keep your hazmat trucking insurance premium low, make sure you abide by all hazmat regulations and prioritize safe driving.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hazmat Truck Insurance

Which Hazmat Violations Are Most Common?

Hazmat violations can be costly, and failing to uphold hazmat regulations can drastically increase the risk of transporting such materials. The most common hazmat violation is Violation 177.834A, which signifies that the hazardous materials are not secure in the vehicle. Other common violations include a lack of shipping papers or proper placards.

What Happens If I Have a Hazmat Trucking Violation?

In the event of a major hazmat violation such as unsecure packages or missing papers, haulers will often be put out of service. Other hazmat infringements may result in fines. In extreme cases, transporting hazardous materials without obeying regulations can lead to jail time. Abiding by state and federal hazardous material regulations is the best way to avoid unnecessary risk.

Do You Offer Hazmat Insurance for Delivery Trucks?

If you are planning to transport hazardous materials in a delivery truck, obtaining hazmat insurance is essential. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation and your insurance needs to determine what coverage is right for you.

Is There a Policy for a Commercial Truck Insurance Hazmat Tanker?

As many hazmat trucks utilize tankers to transport hazardous cargo, securing sufficient insurance coverage for such containers will be necessary for your business. The coverage you receive will depend on the types of materials you transport and the kind of vehicle and trailer you need to insure. Discuss your hazmat insurance coverage options with your agent to learn more.

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