What is Pizzeria Insurance?

Pizzerias occupy a unique space in the foodservice industry. They’re part food-delivery services and part restaurants, and some also offer catering. Being multi-faceted, pizza places are exposed to a number of different potential risks. Pizzeria insurance policies help protect pizzerias from lots of the risks they face.

Most pizzeria insurance policies are package policies that offer a combination of coverages. When selecting a policy, pizzerias can often adjust these coverages to meet their particular needs.

What Factors Affect How Much Pizzeria Policies Cost?

When calculating premiums for pizzeria policies, insurers take many factors into account. A few considerations that may affect a policy’s price are:

  • How large a pizza place’s facility is
  • Where a pizza place is located
  • How large a pizza place’s delivery area is
  • What coverages and limits a pizza place selects
  • Whether a pizza place has a history of filing insurance claims

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What Coverages Does Pizza Insurance Offer?

There are many different coverages that a pizza insurance policy might provide. A few common coverages that pizza places frequently get are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which normally offers broad protection from a range of potential liability issues
  • Commercial Building Coverage, which a pizzeria might need if it owns the building it’s in
  • Contents Coverage, which may help protect equipment, utensils, furniture, and other items from damage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might help get essential equipment repaired if it breaks down
  • Food Contamination Coverage, which may offer reimbursement for foods that spoil during an incident
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover a pizza place if its food or beverages spread a food-borne illness to its customers
  • Pizza Delivery Coverage, which most pizzerias that deliver or cater need 

(Since pizzerias often adjust policies’ coverages to their particular needs, the exact coverages that pizza insurance policies have can vary.)

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Are There Different Kinds of Pizza Delivery Coverage?

There are two different kinds of pizza delivery coverage: owned vehicle and non-owned vehicle coverage.

Owned vehicle coverage is normally used when a pizza place owns the vehicle that’s used for deliveries or catering. For example, a pizzeria that uses a company truck to cater off-site events likely needs an owned vehicle pizza delivery coverage.

Non-owned vehicle coverage is typically used when a pizza place has employees make deliveries. This coverage is quite common, for lots of pizzerias offer delivery but don’t have company vehicles.

Do Pizzeria Policies Offer Workers Compensation Insurance?

Pizzeria policies normally don’t provide workers compensation, disability, or health insurance for employees. If these types of insurance are desired or required, they’re usually purchased as separate policies.

What Kinds of Incidents Does Pizza Insurance Offer Protection For?

Precisely what coverages a pizzeria policy offers depends on the policy’s terms and conditions. With the right protections in place, pizza insurance might protect a pizza place in scenarios like these:

  • A pizza is burned and starts a fire
  • A power surge ruins a pizza oven’s electronic system
  • A thunderstorm causes a power outage, and ingredients spoil during the outage
  • A driver is in an accident while making deliveries

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How Can Pizza Places Get Quotes for Pizzeria Insurance?

For help getting quotes for pizzeria insurance, pizza places should contact an independent insurance agent who has experience helping other foodservice businesses. An experienced agent will be able to help with coverage selection and request quotes on behalf of a pizza place. They’ll also have the knowledge needed to accurately compare quotes in order to select the best option.

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