What is Microbrewery Insurance?

Microbreweries are exposed to an array of potential risks. In addition to risks that are common to many businesses, breweries also face perils that are unique to the industry. Microbrewery insurance policies help protect breweries from lots of the risks they face, including both general ones and ones that are more specific to brewing beverages. 

Microbrewery insurance policies are specially designed for the unique insurance needs that breweries have. Policies are typically package policies, which means they combine several individual coverages together.

What Are the Benefits Does Getting Multiple Coverages Through a Microbrewery Policy?

Many of the coverages that are available through microbrewery policies could be purchased independently. Getting each coverage as a separate policy, however, would likely be more difficult and expensive. Each individual policy’s terms and conditions would have to be compared with those of other policies to ensure there weren’t any gaps in coverage, and a brewery wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the discounts insurers offer for getting multiple coverages through a package microbrewery policy.

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What Protections Do Craft Brewery Insurance Policies Provide?

The individual coverages that craft brewery policies offer are often tailored to a brewery’s particular situation, so policies frequently have slightly different coverage combinations. Nonetheless, there are lots of coverages that are widely available through most craft brewery insurance policies. Some common coverages include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which businesses used in many industries to protect businesses from common risks
  • Business Property Coverage, which lots of businesses use to protect buildings and equipment they own
  • Business Interruption Coverage, which many businesses use to safeguard against disasters that disrupt incoming revenues
  • Restaurant Property Coverage, which restaurants often carry and breweries that have tasting rooms may need
  • Tank Leakage Coverage, which may reimburse a brewery for beer stock that’s lost due to a leak in a tank
  • Tank Collapse Coverage, which may pay for water processing if a brewery's tank collapses

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Do Microbrewery Policies Include Workers Compensation Coverage?

Most microbrewery policies aren’t set up to provide workers compensation, disability, or health insurance. Breweries that want or need these types of insurance normally purchase them through separate policies. 

What Breweries is Craft Brewery Insurance Right For?

Small and mid-sized breweries generally ought to consider getting craft brewery insurance. Craft brewery policies offer an affordable way to get lots of the protections that these breweries should have.

Large breweries also need many of the coverages that are offered by craft brewery policies. In some cases, though, large breweries’ insurance needs go beyond what craft brewery insurance is designed to provide protection for. While large breweries may want to talk with an independent agent about getting a craft brewery policy, they’ll likely find that a slightly different insurance policy is more suited for their insurance needs.

Distilleries and wineries also need similar insurance coverages, but they’re usually better off with a policy that’s tailor-made for them. Many insurers that offer craft brewery policies also have policies for distilleries and wineries that are similar yet slightly different.

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How Do Insurers Calculate Microbrewery Policies’ Premiums?

Insurers consider many different factors when determining how much microbrewery policies cost. A few items they may take into account include:

  • How large a brewery is
  • How many employees a brewery has
  • Whether a brewery offers tours
  • Where a brewery is
  • Whether a brewery has previously filed insurance claims
  • What coverages and limits a brewery selects

How Can Breweries Get Quotes for Microbrewery Insurance Policies?

Breweries that want help obtaining quotes for microbrewery insurance policies should get in touch with an independent insurance agent who specializes in this form of insurance. Such an agent can help a microbrewery select the coverages it needs, and they can request quotes from different insurers. With their expertise, it’s easy to compare the different protections that policies offer and select the best policy that’s available.

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