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Commercial Truck Insurance in Louisiana

If you own a business in Louisiana that uses trucks to transport cargo, you will need to acquire sufficient commercial trucking insurance. Because commercial trucking poses unique risks to drivers, goods, and other vehicles, it is important to have the right coverage before any of your trucks are on the road.

World Insurance also provides commercial truck insurance in the states bordering Louisiana, including Mississippi and Texas.

Find The Trucking Policy That Covers Your Needs

Find The Trucking Policy That Covers Your Needs

Depending on the nature of your business and your unique needs, you will need to consider a variety of different policy types available before settling on your coverage. For a trucking business in Louisiana, you will need specific commercial auto insurance specifically for commercial trucks. To get started, you can speak with one of our experienced agents to learn more about your options.

Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements

Your trucking business will likely have specific insurance needs and requirements, but generally speaking, the following trucking insurance coverages are among the most popular.

Business Liability

Also known as general liability, business liability insurance for Louisiana provides coverage for a variety of possible claims including:

  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Medical payments
  • Property damage

Collision Coverage

Accidents involving commercial trucks, especially 18-wheelers, can be costly, so having collision insurance can prevent accidents from having a harmful financial impact on your business. You can also get a comprehensive physical damage insurance policy to cover additional damages that might occur to your trucks or trailers such as:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Natural disasters
  • Inclement weather

Cargo Coverage

When transporting the goods of others, it is important to have cargo insurance to ensure you are protected in the event that cargo is damaged, stolen, or lost. The type of cargo you are transporting, as well as the quantity of items and the distance traveled, will impact the limits and premiums associated with your cargo coverage. Working with commercial cargo insurance companies, like World Insurance, can help you get the right coverage you need to protect your cargo and your business.

When speaking with your insurance agent, you can also learn more about what coverages are required in Louisiana for your trucking business to ensure you have the protection you need.

The Leader of Commercial Truck Insurance Companies In Louisiana

With a variety of plans to accommodate your specific needs, World Insurance is your leading provider of Louisiana truck insurance. Whether you need comprehensive coverage, collision insurance, or a liability policy, World Insurance is here to provide a plan that is affordable for your Louisiana business.

If you are unsure of what you need for your commercial trucking business, you can speak with one of our specialists for guidance. Many of our agents are former truckers themselves, so you can trust that they can provide the insight and expertise you need to obtain Louisiana trucking insurance.

Protect Your Trucking Business From Common Problems

Protect Your Trucking Business From Common Problems

Louisiana trucking companies need the right coverage to protect them from common problems and harmful incidents involving:

  • Bodily injury and property damage to others
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal costs
  • Accidents and physical damage to Louisiana trucks
  • Uninsured and underinsured drivers
  • Damage, destruction, or loss of cargo

How Do I Get Louisiana Commercial Truck Insurance?

Getting commercial trucking insurance is easy when you work with World Insurance. Follow these steps to get a competitive rate for your trucking business in Louisiana.

Fill Out Our Form

Using our simple form, you can easily provide all relevant and essential information. Be sure to include your phone number and email address so that we can reach you.

Connect With An Agent

Shortly after submitting your form, you will hear from one of our agents. Many of our qualified trucking insurance agents were previously in the trucking business themselves, so you know that their experience is relevant and their guidance is genuine. If you have any questions about commercial trucking insurance for your Louisiana business, your agent will be there to provide answers.

Receive a Quote

Once you and your agent identify your trucking insurance needs, they will put together a quote. You can trust that this quote will take into consideration your unique needs and budget as we strive to ensure you are completely protected and satisfied with your coverage.

Get Coverage

When you settle on a policy and sign off on it, you will receive exceptional coverage from the best-rated transportation insurance company. Depending on the coverages you choose for your commercial trucking company, your premium costs may vary, but World Insurance is committed to providing the protection you need for your specific needs and budgetary limits.

How Do I Find A Commercial Trucking Insurance Agent In Louisiana?

Your unique commercial insurance needs are important to us, so we will connect you with a local agent in Louisiana to advise you. Our insurance agents have the experience and know-how to help you make the best decision for your commercial trucking company.

World Insurance offers coverage to truckers across Louisiana and beyond. Our policies extend to all Louisiana cities including:




Baton Rouge


Bossier City














Lake Charles










New Iberia


New Orleans









Types Of Commercial Trucks And Trailers We Protect In Louisiana

From box trucks to 18-wheelers, World Insurance provides coverage for a variety of commercial vehicles and trailers, including:


Large fleets requiring scheduled vehicles, mileage-based, or receipts policies


Box trucks


Long-haul tractor trailers




Local and short-haul trucks


Food trucks


Hazmat, dump, and tow trucks


Log trucks


Leased trailers


Terminal and container yard


Trailer interchanges

FAQ About Commercial Trucking Insurance In Louisiana

Do I need commercial trucking insurance in Louisiana?

If you own and operate a business that moves or transports goods with trucks, you need commercial trucking insurance. Certain coverages are required by state and federal law to ensure drivers, vehicles, and goods are protected. In the event that something unexpected and harmful happens, you need to have the right insurance in place.

What is the Louisiana minimum for commercial truck insurance?

For Louisiana trucks, some minimum liability coverages are required by law. These include:

  • $15,000 per person
  • $30,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 for property damage

Minimums may vary depending on the type of materials and goods you transport, the distances your trucks cover, and the types of vehicles you use to move goods.

Does commercial trucking insurance cover my trailer, too?

Commercial truck insurance from World Insurance has provisions for protecting your vehicles and trailers, namely from events such as theft, fire, vandalism, and physical damage.

Do you offer commercial dump truck insurance in Louisiana?

World Insurance is happy to offer coverage for commercial dump trucks in Louisiana. Dump trucks often require general liability coverage to provide protection from lawsuits and property damage resulting from an accident.

Do you offer Louisiana tow truck insurance?

Louisiana tow trucks can be covered under policies from World Insurance. Tow trucks require sufficient coverage to ensure all vehicles, including those being towed, are protected, as accidents can occur when the trucks are used improperly.

How much insurance does my commercial truck need in Louisiana?

Each truck and fleet tends to require different amounts of insurance. The materials you transport, as well as the specific vehicles you operate, contribute to your insurance needs. At World Insurance, we cover a wide range of commercial trucks and trucking businesses. Contact us with more information about your Louisiana trucking business to receive a more accurate estimate.

How long will a claim impact my commercial trucking premium?

A claim will typically affect your premium for three years.

What coverages do I need if I am just starting my commercial trucking business in Louisiana?

Louisiana trucking companies should assess the nature of their business and their specific needs before committing to an insurance plan. However, the most common coverages for new commercial trucking businesses includes:

  • 1 million dollars in primary liability
  • Physical damage
  • 100,000 dollars in cargo and non owned trailer coverage

How much Is Louisiana log truck insurance?

Log truck insurance costs will vary depending on factors like the size of your fleet, the distances covered by your trucks, and the type and volume of your cargo. Get an LA insurance quote for your commercial log truck business by contacting one of our experienced agents today.

How much is 18-wheeler insurance in Louisiana?

The cost of your commercial trucking insurance for an 18-wheeler will depend on the policies and limits you choose. Because the risks involved with larger commercial trucks are greater, premiums will often be higher for 18-wheeler insurance compared to other vehicles.

Does World Insurance have commercial trucking insurance agents who can speak Spanish?

Yes, we do have insurance agents who are fluent in Spanish.