What is Hotel Insurance?

Hotels provide guests with many services, and each one that a hotel offers exposes the hotel to certain potential risks. Almost any hotel, for instance, might be sued by a guest who’s injured while spending the night or could have property damaged during a burglary. Additionally, a hotel that serves food may be found liable for any food-borne illnesses its dishes spread, and one that has a pool might be held responsible for any accidents that occur in the pool area. These are just a few of the many possible risks that a hotel may face. Because they’re exposed to so many perils, it’s important for hotels to have robust hotel insurance policies.

Hotel insurance is a type of insurance that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of hotels. It’s normally written as a package policy, which means one policy contains multiple individual coverages. The individual coverages contained within a policy are often customized for a particular hotel’s situation.

World Insurance Associates offers a complete Hotel/Motel insurance program available nationwide, and we always look to confirm that we are meeting all franchise requirements.

What Coverages Does Hotel Business Insurance Provide?

Since hotels often have many insurance needs, hotel business insurance policies frequently include lots of different coverages. Broadly speaking, policies’ coverages can be separated into liability coverages and property coverages.

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Liability coverages generally protect a business from claims and lawsuits that accuse the business of causing some form of harm. Some liability coverages that hotel policies may include are:

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Property coverages are used to help protect a business’ property, which may include buildings, other structures, equipment and inventory, from covered perils. Some property coverages that hotel policies might have include:

  • General Property Coverage, which may provide coverage for a hotel’s building
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might help pay for repairs that equipment needs if a covered peril causes the equipment to breakdown
  • Crime Coverage, which may provide coverage for guest and employee theft
  • Food Spoilage Coverage, which might provide compensation for food that spoils during or immediately after a covered incident
  • Utility Interruption Coverage, which may help cover losses sustained during a prolonged utility outage
  • Earthquake and Flood Coverage
  • Wind Coverage, which is important for hotels situated near oceans

There are still more coverages that a hotel might want to include in its hotel business insurance policy. A hotel that hosts weddings or conferences, for example, may want event cancellation insurance, and any hotel might want hotel guest relocation services in case guests must be moved to another hotel during a stay. Some other important coverage includes workers' compensation coverage, umbrella coverage, and crime coverage in the event of a loss.

What Businesses Should Consider Hotel Business Insurance?

In general, hotels and motels should look for hotel business insurance, which is specifically designed for hotels and motels. Hotel policies take into account the large number of rooms that hotels and motels offer, as well as the many amenities they may provide.

Bed and breakfasts and small inns also should have insurance, but their insurance needs are slightly different. Many insurers provide slightly different insurance options for establishments that have fewer rooms and amenities.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

How Can Hotels Get Hotel Insurance?

Because hotels need several (sometimes many) insurance coverages, they should find an insurance agent who is familiar with the needs of businesses in the hospitality industry. An experienced agent who has served other hotels will be able to help another hotel in the city thoroughly consider its risk exposure and find a hotel insurance policy that provides the coverages the hotel needs.

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