What is Hazmat Truck Insurance?

Moving hazardous materials via truck exposes a driver or company to a host of potential perils. In addition to the risks that all trucking companies face, companies that transport hazardous materials also have to worry about the risks associated with the materials they move. Hazmat truck insurance helps protect companies that transport hazardous materials from many of the possible risks they’re exposed to. 

Hazmat insurance is a specialized form of commercial truck insurance that’s uniquely designed for companies that move hazardous materials. Policies take into account both the risks associated with driving commercial trucks and those presented by handling hazardous materials.

What Protections Do Hazmat Truck Insurance Policies Offer?

Most hazmat truck insurance policies have common coverages that are found in lots of commercial truck insurance policies, as well as some coverages that are more closely related to transporting hazardous materials.

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Some of the common coverages that are found in lots of commercial trucking policies, including most hazmat policies, are:

Some more specialized coverages that might not be in all commercial trucking policies, but are often found in hazmat truck policies, include:

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What Companies Should Consider Getting Hazmat Insurance?

Most businesses that transport hazardous materials via truck should carry hazmat insurance. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Trucking companies that move hazardous materials
  • Owner/operators who sometimes accept hazardous materials
  • Labs and other facilities that sometimes move their own hazardous materials via commercial vehicle 

Regardless of whether a business regularly transports hazardous materials long distances or moves these kinds of materials only occasionally, the business is still exposed to many risks that hazmat insurance may offer protection against.

How Can Companies Get Quotes for Hazmat Truck Policies?

Comparing hazmat policies goes well beyond simply looking at how much different policies cost. It’s extremely important to carefully consider and select all of the coverages a company needs, and to review each policy’s coverages for limits and exclusions. For, a policy’s coverages, limits and exclusions determine what incidents the policy will cover.

Companies can get help selecting coverages by contacting an independent insurance agent who’s familiar with hazmat truck insurance. The knowledgeable and experienced agents at World Insurance Associates LLC will be able to help you choose the right combination of coverages, and then they can request quotes for policies that provide those coverages. With an agent’s help, it’s easy to compare many hazmat insurance policies and select one that will protect a company well. To learn more or request a consultation, give us a call at 732-380-0900 or complete the form below.

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