What is Grocery Store Insurance?

Grocery store insurance combines several different insurance policies into one, convenient package that offers coverage for many of the risks that grocery stores are exposed to. The specific coverages included in a package can be tailored to a particular grocery store’s needs.

Most of the policies and coverages that grocery stores need can often be categorized into three categories: property coverages, liability coverages, and other coverages.

What Property Coverages Does Supermarket Insurance Offer?

Property coverages are meant to insure commercial property that a business has. Grocery stores, of course, have a lot of property to insure. A grocery store package might include a combination of the following property insurance coverages:

  • Building Coverage, which may insure a grocery store’s building(s)
  • Property Coverage, which may insure the inventory (food) and equipment that a grocery store has
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may help pay for repairs when equipment breaks down
  • Spoilage Coverage, which may cover products that spoil due to a covered equipment malfunction

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Building coverage is usually only necessary if a grocery store owns the building it’s in, which a number of grocery stores in New York do. Spoilage coverage is often included as part of a policy’s equipment breakdown coverage.

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What Liability Coverages Do Supermarket Insurance Packages Include?

Grocery stores sell many products and have lots of people visit their stores, which leaves them open to many liability risks. To guard against these risks, insurance packages for supermarkets often include several of these liability coverages:

  • Premises Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries that people sustain while at a grocery store
  • Product Liability Coverage, which might cover a store for injuries and illnesses caused by the foods and beverages it sells
  • Advertising and Personal Injury Liability Coverage, which might provide protection from claims of copyright or trademark infringement
  • Umbrella Coverage, which is a supplemental form of liability coverage that can provide more protection

If a grocery store is involved in a specialized service, they may need an additional, specialized liability coverage. Some other liability coverages that stores might want are:

  • Auto Liability Coverage, which might be necessary if a grocery store offers catering or delivery
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which might be required if a grocery store sells alcohol
  • Druggist Liability Coverage, which might be necessary if a grocery store has a pharmacy

What Other Coverages Should Grocery Stores Consider?

Other insurance coverages that a grocery store might need or want include business interruption coverage, workers compensation coverage, and employment practices liability coverage. There are others, as well.

Additional policies like these are frequently purchased separate from a supermarket insurance package, as stand-alone policies.

What Businesses in New York Should Get Grocery Store Insurance?

All grocery stores and supermarkets in New York ought to consider getting an insurance package designed for supermarkets. This includes independent stores that have just one location and chains that have locations throughout the state.

While some of the protections provided within supermarket packages can be purchased separately, it’s easier -- and usually more affordable -- to get them in one package. Since packages can be customized, there’s little reason to not look at them. 

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How Can Grocery Stores Get Insurance?

Stores in New York that need grocery store insurance or haven’t recently reviewed their current insurance should talk with a knowledgeable, independent agent who serves NY. An agent who has assisted other grocery stores and supermarkets will be able to help a store identify its particular risk exposure and determine what coverages are most important. An independent agent can also compare different insurers’ policies that provide the coverages a store wants.

Protect Your Store Now for a Great Future

Opening a grocery store in New York requires a substantial upfront investment, and much of a store’s capital remains tied up in overhead, marketing, inventory, labor, and similar expenses. Grocery store insurance helps protect all that is invested in a grocery store, so an incident doesn’t leave the store financially ruined or forced to close. 

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