What is Bar Insurance?

Successfully running a bar or tavern in New York is no small accomplishment. They require significant upfront investments, and they have substantial ongoing expenses that have to be covered. Without proper insurance, all of the money and time put into a bar or tavern could be jeopardized by a single event. Bar insurance, or tavern insurance, helps protect bars and taverns from the potential financial costs of covered incidents.

Bar insurance is a type of insurance specifically made to meet the insurance needs of bars and taverns. Policies usually provide a number of coverages that lots of bars and taverns should have, but coverages can often be adjusted for a particular bar or tavern’s needs.

What Coverages Does Tavern Insurance Provide?

While coverages can vary from one policy to another, most bar insurance policies provide property and liability coverage. Property coverage helps protect a bar or tavern’s physical property, while liability coverage helps guard against lawsuits accusing the business of being responsible for a person’s injury or property damage.

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Some of the commercial property coverages that a bar or tavern insurance policy might include are:

  • Building Coverage, which is typically only required if a bar or tavern owns the building it’s in
  • Contents Coverage, which may provide coverage for items such as bar equipment, kitchen equipment, seating, lighting fixtures, decorations, and stereo systems
  • Food Contamination Coverage, which might cover foods and beverages that spoil during a covered incident
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which helps pay for repairs to equipment that fails due to a covered claim
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The liability coverages that are included in many policies include the following:

  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which may protect a bar or tavern if it’s held financially responsible for harm caused by a drunk patron
  • Product Liability Coverage, which might cover food-born illnesses that customers contract
  • Assault and Battery Liability Coverage, which may cover injuries that customers sustain during a fight or a confrontation with bouncers
  • General Liability Coverage, which businesses in many industries use to protect themselves from many different risks
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which provides supplemental coverage for certain claims that exceed the limits of underlying coverages

Most bars and taverns have employees and need workers compensation insurance. Workers comp insurance, however, is one type of policy that’s usually purchased as a stand-alone policy rather than through a bar or tavern package policy.

What Establishments in New York Need a Tavern Policy?

Most bars and taverns in New York should look into tavern insurance. It’s often possible to get the above-mentioned coverages through stand-alone policies, but purchasing multiple individual policies typically takes more time and is more expensive. Bars and taverns generally find that a package policy specifically designed for bars and taverns is the most affordable way to get the coverage they need.
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How Can Bars and Taverns in New York Get Bar Insurance?

Even though bars and taverns have many similar insurance requirements, each one has unique needs because no two bars or taverns are completely identical. Bars and taverns that want an insurance solution tailored to their particular needs should contact an independent insurance agent who serves hospitality businesses in New York. An independent agent can help a bar or tavern consider its risk exposure and find a bar insurance policy that includes all of the property and liability coverages the business needs.


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