Insurance for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors

Analyzing, designing and implementing a robust, comprehensive, and cost-effective insurance and risk management platform for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors requires a high level of familiarity with these industries.

 Any brokerage firm can get a “quote” and place policies that seem to address these company’s needs. However, far too often companies in these industries discover their program was lacking after a loss occurs due to the inexperience of the broker who designed the program.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

The correct questions must be reviewed with management prior to the insurance being placed and it is only industry specific experience that will determine the caliber of these all-important questions.

The Team at World Insurance Associates have been insuring Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors in virtually every industry from Nutraceuticals to paper goods for more than 50 years. Our colleagues are industry specific, seasoned and proven.

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What kinds of insurance policies and specific endorsements should companies in these segments be looking more closely at?

Business Income- When was the last time your agent revisited your Business Income worksheet with you? Was you Peek Season Endorsement done properly? Should your center of operations become non-functional due to a fire, flood or some other loss, will your current Property Policy pay your company the cost to temporarily relocate, meet payroll, and replace necessary machinery?

Protect Your Business

Utility Interruption Endorsement- Are you prepared for another Super Storm Sandy like occurrence?

Many businesses in these sectors were caught unaware and were left with losses that could have and in many cases actually did put them out of business simply because their Commercial Property Policy did not include a little-known endorsement called Utility Service Interruption. This endorsement will insure a company for losses that stem from off premises power failure for example. This example is most relevant to Tri-State area business in that most of all electric power is supplied by overhead transmission lines. Most Commercial Property Policies either exclude losses from lack of power from overhead transmission lines, located off the actual premises, or limit the claims value on average to $50,000. A properly worded Utility Service Interruption Endorsement will insure that any losses caused by this type of loss will enable you to not only stay in business but thrive in a difficult environment.warehouseLet the professionals at World audit your current program to be sure you have the insurance you are paying for. There is no cost for this service. How do you know what you don’t know?


Meet Your Industry Specialist

Scott Arlen Strenger CLCS, LSE

Executive Director, Scott Strenger, has insured clients in the Manufacturing, Distributing and Wholesaling space both domestically and internationally for more than 20 years, including some traded on the New York and London Stock Exchanges.

In 2012, when “Super Storm” Sandy devastated businesses in the Northeast, many insurance clients were left uncovered due to improperly written Commercial Property Insurance Policies. However, every single one of Scott’s clients were made whole due to his ability to work closely with his clients, ask the correct questions and endorse their policies properly.

While he considers his work in this business segment his focus, Scott also devotes part of his practice to Non-profit organizations at discounted fees as a way of giving back to the communities he works in.

 Scott earned his Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist designation in 2004.

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