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Commercial Truck Insurance in Florida

The right commercial trucking insurance is essential for any Florida business that uses trucks to transport cargo.

What Is Commercial Truck Insurance?

What Is Commercial Truck Insurance?

Using commercial trucks entails unique risks for operators, cargo, and other drivers. Commercial truck insurance ensures that you and your business are protected. A commercial truck insurance policy from World Insurance offers coverage for your business, the trucks you use, and your employees, as well as any passengers and other drivers injured by your vehicles.

If you use large vehicles like dump trucks, tow trucks, or 18-wheelers for your Florida business, you need a sufficient commercial trucking policy to protect you and your company.

What Coverages You Need For Florida Commercial Truck Insurance

The actual elements of your commercial insurance policy may vary, but there are several types of coverages that provide essential protection for you and your Florida commercial trucking business.

General Liability

General liability insurance broadly encompasses a range of incidents, providing coverage for a number of incidents. Some general liability policies are fairly limited, however, and many commercial trucking companies opt to purchase an umbrella policy, as well, to cover any incidents that exceed their GL policy limits.

General liability policies typically provide some coverage for incidents such as:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Vehicle damages
  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages and expenses
  • Uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage
  • Towing costs

Physical Damage

Protect your commercial trucks with physical damage insurance. There are two kinds of physical damage coverage you can get.


In the event of an accident involving your truck and another object, collision insurance can help you cover the costs of repairs or replacements.


Outside of collisions, your trucks can suffer damage in many other ways. Comprehensive coverage ensures that you get help with repair and replacement costs in the event of incidents such as:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Natural disasters
  • Inclement weather, such as hail or windstorms

Cargo Insurance

Lost, damaged, or stolen cargo can be a major issue, so it is important to acquire the right cargo insurance for your commercial trucking company in Florida. Depending on the type and amount of cargo you are transporting, the cost of your cargo insurance will vary.

Getting cargo insurance can protect you in the event that something happens to your cargo, and the right policy can also improve your relationships with customers.

Non-Trucking Liability

If you or your drivers ever operate your commercial trucks for non-work purposes, such as running errands after a drop-off or driving the vehicle to a terminal, a non-trucking liability policy can ensure you are protected. Incidents that occur outside of business operations are not covered under most commercial trucking policies, so a non-trucking policy will provide the right coverage for these situations.

Bobtail Coverage

When truckers drive without trailers attached, it is often referred to as “bobtailing” or “deadheading.” With bobtail insurance, your drivers and vehicles will be covered when trucks are operated without their trailers, during or after dispatch and between loads.

Workers’ Compensation

Commercial truck drivers can easily get injured while on the job. With a workers’ compensation policy, which is required for businesses with employees, you can get coverage for medical and hospitalization costs as well as lost wages. Common injuries for Florida commercial truckers include:

  • Accident-related injuries
  • Injuries from loading or unloading freight
  • Roadside repair injuries
  • Slips and falls

New Driver

Insuring a new driver can be difficult, and most commercial truck insurance does not cover new truck drivers unless they have had their CDL for at least two years. You will likely need to acquire specific insurance for new drivers, who have had their CDL for under two years, to ensure your business, vehicles, and drivers are sufficiently protected.

Florida Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements

When operating a commercial trucking business in the United States, you will be subject to certain federal regulations regarding minimum coverages. These regulations are primarily based on cargo types and truck weight, so you can work with your agent to determine specific insurance requirements for your Florida trucking business.

These coverage minimums generally apply to intrastate trucking, so if you have a long-haul or interstate trucking company, you will need to meet different requirements.

Where Can You Get Truckers Insurance In Florida?

World Insurance offers coverage for commercial trucking companies in all Florida cities including:










Fort Lauderdale


Cape Coral


Coral Springs


Pompano Beach




Palm Bay


Spring Hill






Miami Beach


Pembroke Pines


St. Petersburg




Port St. Lucie


West Palm Beach

Commercial Trucks Covered by World Insurance

Commercial trucking businesses perform a wide range of services, and each type of truck serves a unique purpose. At World Insurance, we are happy to provide coverage for a variety of commercial trucks, including:


Dump trucks


Tow trucks




Flatbed trucks


Dry vans


Straight trucks




Food trucks


Household movers


Refrigerated trailers


Log trucks


Intermodal trucks


Cement trucks


Waste haulers

How You Can Get Commercial Trucking Insurance in Florida

It’s easy to get commercial trucking insurance when you go through World Insurance. Follow these steps to get a competitive rate for your trucking business in Florida.

Fill Out Our Form

Submit relevant information via our convenient online form to get started. We will need information including:

  • Your name
  • Your business
  • Your contact information
  • Your location

Connect With An Agent

After submitting this form, you will soon hear from one of our dedicated agents about insuring your commercial trucking company in Florida. Many of our agents are former truckers themselves, so you can trust that they have your best interest in mind.

If you have any questions about commercial trucking insurance, you can ask your agent. They can provide you with answers and guidance to help you protect your business.

Get a Quote

Once you have identified your insurance needs and preferences, your agent will provide a quote for your consideration. This quote will reflect relevant policies as well as influential information such as the size of your fleet, the cargo you transport, and the types of vehicles you operate.

Get Covered

When you determine that your quote is agreeable, you can sign your policy into effect. With commercial trucking insurance from World Insurance, you and your Florida trucking business will be in good hands.

FAQ About Commercial Trucking Insurance In Florida

How much does commercial truck insurance cost?

The cost of your commercial trucking insurance policy will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Fleet size
  • Truck types
  • Cargo classifications
  • Workforce size
  • Distances traveled
  • Prior accidents and insurance claims
  • Driver experience

At World Insurance, we are dedicated to helping you find a commercial trucking insurance policy for your Florida business that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

Do you offer food truck insurance for Florida businesses?

Yes, our commercial trucking insurance policies can cover Florida food trucks. You may need to obtain other types of food truck insurance that are not commonly associated with commercial trucking insurance such as:

  • Business property
  • Inland marine
  • Product liability
  • Liquor liability

Can I get semi truck insurance in Florida?

You can get coverage through World Insurance for your commercial semi trucks in Florida. Because the risks involved with larger trucks are higher, you should obtain sufficient coverage to protect your vehicles, drivers, and business in the event of an accident.

What are the insurance limits for commercial trucking in Florida?

The Florida Department of Transportation requires commercial trucking companies to have sufficient trucking liability coverage for legal operation. Commercial trucking insurance limits vary based on truck weight, cargo type, and travel distance. A rig that has a weight class of 44,000lbs or more and transports cargo within Florida, for example, is required to have liability coverage of $300,000.

You can discuss the specific requirements for your commercial trucks with your dedicated agent to learn more.

What do I need for dump truck insurance in Florida?

Insuring a commercial dump truck can be a costly, but essential, process. Because dump trucks are heavy-duty vehicles, they can not only cause a lot of damage in the event of a collision, but they can also be costly to repair and maintain. If you are looking to insure your dump truck in Florida, you should consider obtaining the following policies:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Physical damage, including collision and comprehensive
  • Non-trucking liability
  • Workers’ compensation