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Get Your Rent Paid If You Lose Your Job

Rent Guarantee Insurance for Tenants

Get peace of mind with rent guarantees designed to keep you up to date on your rent if you involuntarily lose your job. We pay rent directly to the landlord so you can stay in your home and focus on getting back on your feet.

Pensio's affordable and ground-breaking Rent Guarantee is backed by an insured Rental Income Performance Bond that assures the rent will be paid each month if you lose your job.

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What's Included in the Rent Guarantee:

  • Guaranteed rent up to $60,000
  • Damage protection up to $10,000
  • Lease break protection
  • Eviction cost coverage


Easy Sign Up Process:

  1. Click "Buy Online" button at top of page
  2. Enter tenant and unit information
  3. Upload required documents
  4. Application review - our team will follow up with next steps to complete enrollment
  5. Approval - once approved, we will send the Rent Guarantee Agreement to be signed and issue a certificate for your records


Tenants that Qualify:

  • New tenants (less than 12 months on lease) - at least one member of the household is employed. Additionally, the rent-to-income ratio cannot exceed 45%.
  • Existing tenants (more than 12 months on lease) - the only requirement is that the tenant has not missed a rent payment.


Documents Required:

To get approved instantly, the underwriter requires the following documents.

  •  New tenants (less than 12 months on lease)
    • Tenant credit report - any official Equifax or TransUnion credit report is accepted.
    • Tenant proof of income - recent paystub(s), employment letter, recent tax return, or recent bank statement showing tenant name and income.
  • Existing tenants (more than 12 months on lease)
    • Proof of payment to show that the tenant has not missed any recent rent payments.


How much is the Lease Co-Guarantee program fee?

3.5% of gross annual rent paid monthly. For example, if monthly rent is $1,200 (gross annual rent is $14,400) the monthly program fee is $42.

How can tenants register?

The tenant or landlord “rental property owner” can visit to register and complete the Know Your Client (KYC) disclosure. You must review the tenant job loss Lease Co-Guarantee Agreement.

How do I know if I qualify?

Qualified tenants have a legal and valid lease agreement and have qualified for state unemployment benefits. The tenant has a record of unemployment and/or a notice of unemployment directly provided by their former employer that: (i) indicates the cause of loss of employment; (ii) confirms the tenant has worked a minimum of an average of 24 hours per week for the past 26 weeks up to and including 30 days after registration into this program before involuntary job loss; and (iii) indicates the date of unemployment/dismissal. The tenant must remain unemployed and cannot pay their rent.

How is the rent paid?

We will pay up to 3 months rent directly to the landlord if the qualifying tenant remains unemployed and the landlord and tenant have emailed us a Notice of Pending Default for each month the tenant remains unemployed. Rent is only paid to the landlord.

Who is Pensio?

Learn more about our partnership with Pensio here.

Who can I contact if I want to learn more?

Contact Kishan Alexander at 646-767-1148 or

Is Rent Guarantee Insurance the same as Lease Co-Guarantee for tenants?

Yes, Rent Guarantee is another way to reference the Pension program of Co-Guarantee for tenants. It provides rent guarantee if you involuntarily lose your job.



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