A Property Risk Management Program for Developers

In partnership with Pensio Global, the pre-construction Rent Guarantee program provides developers with a market advantage and buyers with true investment value. Lenders have certainty that a completed unit can be sold or can earn a certain income regardless of market conditions.

We partner with developers and lenders of pre-construction residential condominiums, multifamily apartment dwellings, and vacation residential resort properties.

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How It Works

The optional five-year property management program pays guaranteed rent on the last day of each month to an investor buyer regardless of whether the rental residence is vacant or the tenant has defaulted on rent. A compelling marketing and sales strategy for decisions when pitching to a buyer.

Purchase Agreement

Buyer enters into a Purchase Agreement with Seller to acquire a pre-construction new build residence with optional property management and guaranteed rent. The Purchase Agreement includes the following Pensio schedules:

  • Optional five-year Property Management Agreement
  • Performance Bond
  • Purchaser's Indemnity Acknowledgement

Pensio Property management Agreement

The optional Pensio Property Management Agreements contain terms and conditions, including the guaranteed rent amount payable monthly. Guaranteed rent begins 90 days after possession for a 5 year term.

Performance Bond

Each owner when opting into the Pensio program will be provided with a Performance Bond. The Performance Bond issued by Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc. is one-hundred percent reinsured by global reinsurers rated AM Best A or Better.

The Performance Bond is a surety supporting the terms of the Pensio Property Management Agreement and guaranteed rent payable.


The Buyer, if opting into the Pensio Property Management Bonded Rent Program, must execute an acknowledgement to indemnify the Seller from any liability relating to the Pensio property management and guaranteed rent.

Unit Retention

The developer can elect to retain the residential unit if units remain unsold and take advantage of the Pensio property management and guaranteed rents.

Optional Five-Year Property Management Program

Pensio will manage the buyer's investment property for five years, providing rent guarantees, damage guarantees, and evictions, secured by a performance bond.

Rent Guarantee

Pensio guarantees rent whether the residential unit is vacant or tenanted. Guaranteed rent is paid on the last day of each month, commencing 90 days after occupancy.

Tenant Damage

Pensio will pay the cost to repair, fix, or clean any malicious tenant damage caused by the legal tenant. This is secured by a performance bond.


Pensio's evicition team will evict tenants who have not paid rent, covering all legal and court filing fees at no expense to the owner.

Get peace-of mind with rent guarantees designed to make sure an investment is worth the money. Financing your development or making sales in the New Normal can be easier with the Residential Pre-Construction Rent Guarantee. Contact us today to learn more.


About Pensio Global

Pensio Global

The Pensio Global Group of Companies is a multi-faceted real estate and credit-risk group that is currently active in 4 countries; Canada, the U.S., the Bahamas, and Panama. Its core business is providing risk management programs in partnership with the stakeholders of residential rental properties, pre-construction condos, multifamily, vacation properties, and commercial properties whereby Pensio makes available guaranteed rent outcomes fully supported by a Performance Bond issued by Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., a Protected Cell Captive reinsured by reinsurers rated AM Best A or Better. Pensio is a participating member of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc.

The Pensio Group of Companies includes property managers, risk managers, analytical underwriters, and global real estate experts. All Pensio program based affiliate companies are participating members of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc.

Learn more at www.pensioglobal.com.

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