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It’s no secret that a mechanical bull can be a great source of revenue for your business. Whether you own a bar or themed restaurant or want to diversify your entertainment rental business, offering a mechanical bull ride can be big bucks.

However, this novel ride also comes with unique risks that require specialized protection. Whether you're a seasoned operator or new to the rodeo scene, understanding the ins and outs of insurance policies is imperative. So saddle up as we explore the importance of mechanical bull insurance and how you can find the proper insurance coverage for your needs.

Do You Need Insurance For a Mechanical Bull?

Mechanical bull insurance is not a requirement in every state but is still recommended for businesses that have a mechanical bull.

It is always important to understand local and state laws and regulations regarding this type of coverage. For instance, the state of Texas – which is the homeplace of this novel ride – classifies mechanical bulls as amusement rides. As such, they require both compliance stickers and proper liability insurance per the Texas Department of Insurance.

If you operate a mechanical bull it’s important to invest in this type of coverage regardless of if it is required.

Common Mechanical Bull Injuries

Mechanical bull insurance is an important type of liability coverage because of the risks involved with the ride. A recent report by The American Journal of Emergency Medicine found that the majority of mechanical bull injuries involved the patient falling or being thrown from the mechanical bull. The most frequently reported diagnosis among mechanical bull-riding injuries was sprain or strain followed by fracture and contusion or abrasion.

Mechanical bulls are thrilling, but also inherently risky. Even if mechanical bull operators are doing everything correctly, accidents can happen. Mechanical bull insurance provides peace of mind that if an accident does occur, your business will be protected.

More Tips for Mitigating Risk

Investing in insurance for your mechanical bull is the best thing you can do to protect your business from liability. However, there are other ways you can mitigate the risk of bodily injury or property damage as well.

  • Utilize safety equipment: Ensure the mechanical bull is well-padded and riders are offered safety equipment like helmets. Similarly, ensure there is ample padded space for falls.
  • Provide a grip: Choosing a saddle with a grip, such as a rope or leather strap, can help riders maintain their balance. Ensure the grip is easy to let go of to prevent potential wrist injuries.
  • Train a mechanical bull operator: A savvy mechanical bull operator is paramount to the safety of riders. They are responsible for controlling the bull and proper maintenance that can help mitigate risks.
  • Educate riders: Riders need to understand the risks of riding a mechanical bull. Consider having them sign a rider waiver in addition to investing in insurance coverage.
  • Be strict about who can ride: Riding a mechanical bull is fun! But not everyone is fit to ride. Do your due diligence to ensure riders are dressed appropriately (to avoid cuts and scrapes), sober enough to ride, and following important rules (no more than one rider at a time). Also, enforce strict age and height requirements.

Even with these precautions, injuries can still occur. That is why having mechanical bull insurance is extremely important.

Mechanical bull with padded fall area

What is Mechanical Bull Insurance?

This type of insurance coverage is essential for protecting your business from liability if you operate a mechanical bull. The best thing about this type of coverage is that it protects most mechanical bulls, including:

  • Galaxy Multi Ride Bulls: A staple in the industry, often recognized as the safest by major insurance companies.
  • Hydraulic Bulls: Often used as training for professional bull riding. They are excellent at mimicking the feel of riding a real bull.
  • Electric Bulls: This may be a more affordable option compared to the hydraulic bulls.
  • Rockin’ B Bulls: Another well-known brand in the space.

What Does Mechanical Bucking Bull Insurance Cover?

Along with the types of machines this insurance covers, it’s important to understand how mechanical bull insurance can protect your business. Essentially, it protects your business if a guest were to be injured on the mechanical bull.

It specifically covers:

  • Bodily injury to customers, vendors, or visitors on your premises
  • Harm or injury caused by products you manufacture, sell, or distribute
  • Personal injury caused by employee negligence
  • Property damage caused by your employees
  • False advertising, slander, or libel claims

As you can see, this insurance can protect your business from both accidental injury and employee negligence. This is essential for mechanical bulls since injuries may be caused by both the party themselves or an operator's mistake. As we said before, one way to mitigate risk is to ensure your mechanical bull operator is trained properly.

How Much Does Mechanical Bull Insurance Cost?

As with any insurance, the cost of mechanical bull insurance can vary widely depending on several factors. These include the type of coverage, the location of your operation, the size of your business, the frequency of use, and the specific risk factors involved.

This insurance coverage is tailored to your needs. Consulting with an insurance agent who has experience in this niche can provide more tailored and accurate pricing information.

How to Find Mechanical Bull Insurance

Whether you’re considering operating a mechanical bull or already have one at your establishment, it’s always a good idea to protect your business with mechanical bull insurance.

At World Insurance, our advisors have decades of experience tailoring these niche insurance plans. We offer one of the industry's top mechanical bull and mobile entertainment device policies with a $1,000,000 per person limit that is compliant with all state regulations.

Our dedicated team of experts can help you with a quality mechanical bull insurance policy. Learn more about our product offerings today!


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