What is Bar Insurance?

Owners of bars, taverns, and pubs invest a great deal of both money and time into their establishments. Without sufficient protection, all that’s invested in an establishment could be lost in a single incident. Bar insurance helps protect the investments that owners make in bars, taverns, and pubs from many potential risks.

Bar insurance (also known as tavern insurance) is a type of commercial insurance that’s uniquely designed to meet the insurance needs of bars, taverns, and pubs. Most bar policies are package policies and combine several individual coverages into a single policy. 

What Coverages Does Tavern Insurance Offer?

The individual coverages that tavern policies contain are frequently customized for a bar, tavern, or pub’s particular situation. Therefore, policies’ exact coverages frequently vary slightly. Nevertheless, there are many coverages that policies usually make available as either standard or optional protections. These coverages can be categorized into commercial property and commercial liability coverages. 

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Commercial property coverages help protect property, inventory, and equipment that a bar, tavern, or pub owns. Some common commercial property coverages that bar policies often offer are:

  • Building Coverage, which bars that own their own buildings normally need
  • Contents Coverage, which may be used to insure kitchen equipment, bar equipment, light fixtures, sound systems, seating, and similar items
  • Food Contamination Coverage, which might cover beverages and food that spoil during a covered disaster
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may cover emergency repairs of essential equipment

Commercial liability coverages help protect a bar, tavern, or pub from covered claims and lawsuits that seek compensation for damages or injuries. Some common commercial liability coverages that bar policies frequently make available include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which is used in many industries to protect businesses from a variety of risks
  • Product Liability Coverage, which might cover incidents in which a food-borne illness is spread by an establishment’s food or beverages
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which may cover claims seeking compensation for damage or injuries caused by an intoxicated patron that an establishment served
  • Assault and Battery Coverage, which might cover injuries that patrons sustain during a physical confrontation that occurs on an establishment’s property
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which is a supplemental form of insurance that may build on the protections offered by other coverages

Protect Your BusinessDo Tavern Insurance Policies Include Workers Compensation Insurance?

Most tavern insurance doesn’t include workers compensation insurance. Policies normally also don’t provide health or disability insurance. Establishments that need or want these insurance policies normally purchase them separately, as stand-alone policies.

What Establishments Need Tavern Insurance?

Bars, taverns, pubs, and similar establishments ought to consider getting tavern insurance. While the coverages that tavern policies provide can sometimes be purchased separately, getting them through a package policy that’s tailor-made for a drinking establishment is typically easier and more affordable.

Restaurants and nightclubs that serve adult beverages may also need many of the protections that are offered by tavern policies. Most restaurants and clubs will be better off getting a restaurant- or club-specific policy, though.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

How Can Establishments Get Quotes for Bar Insurance?

Comparing quotes for bar insurance policies involves a lot more than merely checking different policies’ premiums. Before premiums are even looked at, it’s first necessary to determine what coverages an establishment needs and find policies that provide those coverages. Only after several suitable policies have been found is it appropriate to compare premiums. Owners of establishments who would like help with this entire process should contact an independent insurance agent, for they can help with each step of the process. With an agent's assistance, all of this can be done efficiently and effectively.

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