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Underwriting & Analytics

Analyze and Optimize Your Benefits Plan

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If you are like most HR professionals, ensuring your employee benefits plan is running smoothly is likely a top priority. But what do you do if your claims performance or other drivers are impacting your rate? Our underwriting and analytics team can review your employee benefits plan data to ensure your program is innovative, measured, and aggressively priced. And we can deconstruct your claims spend and uncover cost drivers that fuel increases. Often, we can provide actionable solutions to help you optimize your plan features and reduce your expenses.

We Can Help With:

  • Self-Insured feasibility analysis
  • Renewal projections
  • Health plan budget cost projections
  • Benefits benchmarking
  • Value-based healthcare purchasing
  • Healthcare claims analytics
  • Population health management
  • Provider network analysis
  • Plan design modeling
  • ACA modeling

In addition, our in-house underwriting department can provide you with advanced analyses that can help you make the right choices for your employees. When it comes to making critical decisions about your employee benefits plan, the more data the better!

We can help with:

  • Renewal evaluations
  • Plan history analysis to determine future budget
  • Proper adjustment of reserves
  • Incremental cost impact for plan changes
  • Stop loss analysis
  • Quarterly renewal projections
  • Annual medical carrier trend studies
  • Contribution modeling
  • IBNR reserve determination

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