Full-Service Benefits Packages for Companies of All Sizes

Your employees are your greatest asset. Offering them comprehensive benefits options is a critical factor in retention and recruitment, as well as employee satisfaction.

Creating a custom benefits package is critical for companies of all sizes. Our benefits specialists understand that navigating the complex, detailed, and ever-changing benefits world is not something you should have to do alone!

Our benefits experts will review your current benefit package to insure that you are balancing and meeting your budgetary and benefits offering goals. This will allow you to focus on the things that grow your business.

Group Health

Attract and keep top talent by offering group health coverage to your employees.

Group Disability

Provide financial assistance if a covered disability impacts an employee's ability to work.

Group Life

Help employees provide for their families in the event they pass away unexpectedly by including life insurance in your benefits plan.

Full-Service Benefits

We want you to focus on the things that grow your business. To do that, we offer a full range of services including financial and design analysis, marketing, communications and enrollment, ongoing service, and renewal negotiations.

Specialized Coverage

Get tailored insurance coverage to meet the specific needs of your unique business.

Ancillary Benefits

Give your employees and their families peace of mind and financial support in the event that there is an untimely death or serious physical loss.

Supplemental & Voluntary Benefits

Get the benefits of group coverage without having to go through an employer, at discounted rates 25-30% cheaper than going direct.

Technology Solutions

We have established strategic partnerships with third party vetted vendors which provide our clients with specialized technology platforms. These platforms provide different features and functions to meet the needs of all-size employers.

We work with you to ascertain your unique needs on both a current and prospective basis to help identify the appropriate technology platforms. We also provide guidance throughout the implementation process.

In addition to the basic Benefit Administration platforms, our technology partners can provide a complete internet-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS) solution. This secure, web-based system provides modules for employee onboarding, employee tracking, payroll functionality, ACA compliance tracking, and applicant tracking to automate and streamline a job requisition.

These HRIS systems can effectively manage, maintain, and communication your organization's Human Resource related activity. We are familiar with the capabilities of all the various HRIS platforms and will assist in the selection process, as well as ongoing implementation and management.

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