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The PerfectPayRent rent payment platform guarantees that all the rent is paid on time, everytime!

Managing a rental property and working with Tenants can be challenging. PerfectPayRent aims to simplify your renting experience with its innovative rent payment platform, Lease Co-guarantees and comprehensive Landlord and Tenant Services.


for Landlords

Discover why renting with PerfectPayRent Landlord Services means you will never experience late or missed rent again when you rent using the PerfectPayRent payment platform.


Comprehensive Lease Co-Guarantee and Landlord Services


Rent Collection Management

Effortlessly collect your rent with PerfectPayRent's digital rent payment app - all managed seamlessly.


Guaranteed On-Time Rent Payment

PerfectPayRent guarantees all rent payments are paid by the 4th business day after they're due, even if tenant rent is late or missed.


Lease Co-Guarantee

PerfectPayRent co-guarantees your tenant lease agreement.


Security Deposit Waiver

For waiving a tenant's deposit, the PerfectPayRent lease co-guarantee pays you up to one month's rent if a tenant has maliciously damaged your property.

Renting can be hard work. PerfectPayRent makes it easier for Tenants and Landlords.

Discover impactful tenant services and rent assistance options that will provide tenants with the confidence they need to choose your rental property

Tenant Desktop-Dash-Deferral

We help tenants when they need us!


Security Deposit Waiver

Tenants won't need to put down a security deposit while moving-in—PerfectPayRent will guarantee the deposit for the Landlord on behalf of the Tenant.


Loss of Income Assistance

In case a Tenant experiences an involuntary loss of income.  PerfectPayRent will pay the rent on behalf of the Tenant for a period of three months, no repayment from Tenant is required.


Rent Deferral Assistance

If a Tenant needs a little extra time, PerfectPayRent will assist them with paying one months rent while they will have three weeks to pay PerfectPayRent back.


Rent Advance Assistance

If a Tenant experiences a cash flow problem,  PerfectPayRent will assist them with paying one month's rent while they will have three months to pay PerfectPayRent back.


Tenant Legal Liability Insurance

PerfectPayRent placed a tenant legal liability insurance group policy with ePremium to cover a tenant's legal liability and contents.


Credit Building Support

PerfectPayRent will report Tenant rent payments to major credit agencies to help them build their credit scores.

Renting a Home

PerfectPayRent is the perfect choice for Landlords and Tenants. We would like to hear from you!

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